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2003 ZX636 legal to register in Calif?

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New member. Hope this isn't off-topic or already beaten tio death: My son is about to buy an 2003 ZX636 from a guy in Oregon, and he's hearing conflicting info about whether it is (emissions) legal to register in California. He hasn't seen the bike yet so he'll TRY to check the emissions sticker if it's there and he can find it. Bike has only 13k miles and getting it for $3500. Thanks, guys.
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I'm pretty confident due to the mileage an out of state vehicle can be brought in without penalty, but that being said there are "California versions" of all bikes to meet emissions requirements here. I don't think you'd have an issue, but maybe Powergroove or someone from a dealership would have better info?
As long as it has over 7500 miles, there isn't an issue.

I bought my brand new Pani in Washington state and registered it in CA with 2 miles.
Yup 7500 miles or must be california emmisions bike.
OK thanks a million, gentlemen. He's picked it up and is trailering it down from Oregon (about a 4-hr trip). He is a brand new rider, 21, jut got his M/C "learner's" permit yesterday, and I'm hoping he spends as much care easing into cycling as he did in looking for "just the right" one. Much more bike than MY first one 40 years ago... a Honda CL350 :). I'll be recommending that he join the ZX6R site.
Yeah send him over. We'll reinforce telling him not to be a dummy :laugh:
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