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2002 zx6r dies when I give it some gas [video included]

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Hello everyone,

Slight issue with my 2002 zx6r. When I start it up it idles just fine. Whenever I give it some gas, its really sluggish and wants to die, or does die. I've included a video to show. First thing I guess would be fuel. Perhaps a new fuel filter, new fuel and maybe even a new pump? It didn't have this issue about 2 weeks ago
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kinda having the same problem. It could be spark plugs
Is the bike fully warmed up when you give it throttle? If not, this is normal. Let it warm up all the way first.
Raise the idle. Our bikes are 11 years apart but I had the same issue. Raised the throttle like 200 RPMs above what was recommended and no more stalling.
When I give it gas it doesn't even want to Rev. If I apply steady slow throttle it will Rev up to maybe 8-10k then just kind of sputter. If I give it a quick flick, it does whats shown in the video.
I agree with RedAndBlack, it was hard to tell from the video but it looked like you idle may have been a tad low. Looks like recommended is 1300 +/- 50, so possibly try to set it to 1350-1450 and see if that helps. I have to adjust my idle every so often as the seasons change.
my 2013 did that to me when my idle was set at 1300, put it to 1400 and been fine since.

I'v noticed carbed bikes are a little more touchy on start up until they get warm.
Found the problem. There was a 3 wirw plug that wasn't plugged into the side of the carbs. Guessing it was something to do with the spark plugs. Works great now! Minus the chain..
^ Throttle Position Sensor--has nothing to do with the plugs, but unplugged it will go to full advanced ignition timing. (about 30* too advanced for idle)
I would also think a proper carb cleaning would do it wonders..... if you are playing with the "choke" at 162* temp- you know the idle passageways are restricted at a bare minimum.
^ I did several other things as well.

I took apart the whole upper end and cleaned it out, minus the carbs (need to get cleaner). Got some fresh gas in an aux tank hooked up, as well as new fuel lines and a fuel filter. Not sure if changing all those other things was the key but who knows. It runs pretty good now. A carb cleaning is due for sure.
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