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2001 ZX6R carb issues.....

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Hey guys I recently picked up a winter project and am looking for some advice on jet kits, pipes, cams, etc....I know I have the BDSR 36mm Mikuni carb, and when I tore it down, the choke plunger on Carb #1 was stuck and subsequently broken when I was forced to remove it.....

I'd like to know where you guys get your parts for these carbs??? I tried Mikuni's website but it doesn't appear that they are still making or using the BDSR carb.....any help is appreciated tks

derrick (rigid)
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Oh sorry also any suggestions on power adders, or performance mods, gearing suggestions, etc....would be much appreciated.....I'm gonna give the 1/4 mile a try....
just depends on what our willing to spend man. There are more modifications you can do than just bolt ons. Are you trying to build this into a full on drag bike or just some bolt ons and see how you fare?
just looking for jetting suggestions, and actually mostly interested in locating a choke plunger....i tried posting in classifieds but i need 25 posts before i'm allowed to post in there.....
I'd suggest contacting a person at the parts counter of a Kawasaki dealership, and asking them to cross reference what other products have used that carb. It could be in use in a single cylinder applicaiton, or a twin, or a four.

Odds are good it's used on a fairly wide range of products over a span of 5-10 years, with some minor changes to suit the application. This could be quads, side by sides utility vehicles, watercraft, generators. All you need is one part- you could also look at picking up another rack of carbs for parts from a salvage yard of one type or another.
I just had to replace one of my choke plungers with a brand new one, I bought it from partsfish.com
Seems to be the best priced site to get OEM parts from. I've gotten 95% of my parts through them.
Now as far as jetting is concerned, I've heard rumors that the dynojet kits are difficult to deal with. Specifically why i can't remember off the top of my head, you can search it up here on the forums.
Factory Pro has a real good jet kit and i've heard alot of good things about, I have one but haven't had the chance to install it yet. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable on how to install, what you need to to do to tune, etc.
Gearing, obviously the easiest would be to get a new chain and sprocket kit. What combination for drag? i'm not sure what works best. Again use the search bar and look up different opinions on gearing setups
awesome tks guys exactly what I was hoping for......i'll follow up on both suggestions....
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