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1st ZX6R owner (02 zx6r)

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Just bought my first sportbike last weekend for $1,100. Looks like garbage right now due to the cosmetic damage on it but the frame is straight as a pin and it is mechanically sound :). Going to do before and after pics in the up coming months as I'm working on it. Hope ya'll enjoy my project :bigsmile:
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Good luck man. Doing the same on an '01 right now. Lots of useful info and people on this site. I have gotten a lot of help thus far and am almost ready for plastic on mine.
Welcome to the ninja family!

The J model is as comfy as a sport bike gets. Really loved mine even if it was a bit large for my female frame.

Too bad the guy i sold my 01 to had it written off within 3wks of him owning it.

I still got a like new gas tank just in case your bike is yellow just like mine was.
Link to ad is in my signature.
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Thanks, I just ordered one off of ebay, ( guess i should have started on here first :laugh ) , but I'll check out what others have to offer on here. Thanks for the thought! :)

Post pics of your progress and feel free to ask the forum questions when you need to :)
Will do :)
Hello and welcome!
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