Bike was about 80% there when I got it. Was going to use the motor for a different project, but things changed. Bike was laid down on the left side, so just about everything that would have touched the ground on that side is scratched, dented, etc. Bike is completely dismantled at this point, so if you need something, check with me and see if I have it. No plastics at all.

Motor is torn down to the cylinders as it had water down 2 cylinders (someone left the air filter open). It does turn over without resistance, but I would recommend changing rings, pins, and honing. Valves were cleaned up and move as they should.

As far as shipping large items like the frame, wheels, motor and such, I'm not going to do it. More than welcome to go through a private shipper, but I don't have the time to package stuff up.

You're also welcome to pickup all of the parts that I have for $400. All or none kind of deal.