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While doing an oil change on my bike I was screwing the drain plug back into the oil pan/crank case (i'm not super mech inclined) and apparently tightened it too tight. Either the drain plug is stripped (unlikely but possible) or the oil pan where the drain plug screws into is stripped.

I've looked up other threads on similar issues. I DO NOT want to rethread or helicoil sp? the bottom of the oil pan myself. I want to either buy a new oil pan or pay the motorcycle shop to find a solution. How much would this type of work run me?

My question mostly pertains to the difficulty of removing the oil pan. My research indicates i need to drain the oil, unbolt the oil pan and remove any parts around the oil pan that get in the way of unbolting the oil pan. Is there any systems that are being disconnected/tampered with that will result in unforseen issues? If so what are these issues?

also can i reuse the oil that is in the pan (i just bought the oil a few days ago)

any additional information anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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