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09 ZX6R GREEN paint code

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I had a scan done of a piece of 09 ZX6R green body at Rondex auto body supply. 2 part paint. This is the base paint scan information.
You should be able to have a paint shop mix the color for you.
I believe it is ppg and i sprayed omni clear on top
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crazy you posted this as I am going to go buy some paint to do my track fairings. Thanks!
Nice! That's $103 correct? If so you saved on what I would've done, so nice job! Any painting I've had to do I've done w/ the Colorrite colors, and they've always matched great. Granted, I only ever bought pens for touchup stuff

Yup $103.00 for a pint!!
The paint has pearl in it, looks awesome and you pay for that look.
A pint is not enough for an entire bike. The scan was free.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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