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09 ZX6R fork fmgv s3701v gold valve how to video

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I am assuming that everyone knows how to take forks off a bike.
Before removing the forks from the bike ( loosen the top triple and clipon and loosen the fork cap) make notes where you have your rebound, compression and preload. Make sure you measure centre of front axel to bottom of lower triple. When you re-assemble you can set the bike up as it was before (if you have those numbers). If you install the race tech gold valve the instructions will provide the starting settings (base line settings). The instructions do not tell you the measurement from the centre of the axel to the bottom of the lower triple. You need to set according to your needs, street, road race or drag race.
Installing the kit will make your forks approximately 25mm longer once they are assembled. I only had 2 hands and one of them is holding the camera, this is not the best video but the information is valid. If anything it might encourage so ZX6 owner to tackle the job of doing their own oil or changing springs. Yes you can change springs while the fork is in the bike.
I have one more video to post and it should be up by sunday. In the last video i did not show how to install the race tech bottom out boring spacers and cylinders.
You would slide them onto the damper rod after you install and torque the sealhead.
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Very interested in seeing your first video, it's not showing up though. This service is next on my list for sure. I was gonna pay someone for this, but would like to see if I can tackle it myself first. Thanks for taking the time to snap a video!
Okay the first video should be available, it was set on private now changed to public.
Let me know if it doesn't work.
Thank You
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