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07 zx6r rough idle in first gear

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i just bought my first zx6r 07
its got 25k miles on it.
it has a rough idle in 1st gear untill after 4k rpms hen itsall good and smooth.

i changed my sparks plugs and it fixed the issue it ran perfect and smooth then after about 200 miles of riding it started doing it again. and its always in first gear only untill rpms go over 4k.

so not sure what else i need to check
need some help.
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and also when its in nuetral just idling it jumps up and down from about 700-1500 rpms randomly sometimes
Sounds like you might either have a weak coil pack, or the bike could be running rich and fouling plugs. I'd pull the plugs and check them first. Does the bike have aftermarket exhaust/ air filter/ fuel management?
Test the coil packs.... the sliding on of the new plug could have made the connection just good enough for it to behave for those 200 miles

But I see allot of these go bad regularly on all makes, probably a dozen a year atleast, so it is not uncommon

oem service manual has the test, but sometimes they test good out in the open and are actually arcing out the side when in close proximity to the cylinder head

You can start it up have it idle, spray water on the exhaust headers and see if one is substantially cooler than the others..........then atleast you know which cylinder(s) are not running as well

swap that coil pack with another and see if the cooler running cylinder moves with the coil pak---then you know

they are about ;


Brand new from Kawasaki
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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