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07 zx6r bar end grips

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Having an issue with my bar end sliders for my handlebars. I just got new progrip grips for my bike. Basiclly the bar end sliders aren't flush with the end of the grip. I had the same issue with my stock grips and bar ends and thought this would correct it. Anyone have this issue or different bar ends to fix it? Its almost like the bar ends aren't deep enough bc they bottom out when they hit the 17mm nut they thread into. Just looks stupid having a 1/2 gap between the bar ends and the grip
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Theres alil gap on my progrips too. I have an 08.
only on the throttle side tho idk just looks stupid and annoys me
Can't you move the throttle housing and brake over to close the gap?

Don't make it flush though. You don't want throttle getting stuck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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