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06 zx6r clutch not engage and can shift up

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Put a different motor on it can't really remember if I could shift up with engine off so idk if it's normal. But the main problem I have is the the clutch is not engaged or won't when I pull the leaver. It's really loose and I shifted with the engine running the the bike moves with the leave pushed in, so I'm guessing it's not engaged. My question is is there a special way to install the rod. Or do I put it in and spin it
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Having a real tough time reading that.

Try adjusting the shift Rod into a different position. For my 2013,my bike had trouble shifting in a certain position and a simple adjustment of the shift Rod and it was fine.

Try adjusting the slack on the clutch cable. You also made it sound like your clutch is loose, and that's what would fix that.
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