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06 636 need help

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I have an issue with my bike is not getting power from the cdi box to the fuel pump when power is sent run for a few swconds and die replace ecu cdi box fuses starter relay throttle bodies and injectors tps and still does the same but if it stay running if I spray fuel on the throttle bodies anybody can help please and thanks
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yea I second that...

OP please take a breathe, put down the crack pot and explain the issue with as much detail as possible then follow by what you have changed.

Your post is confusing as hell...
any change if you run it with the tank cap open?
Don't have any injector signal and the fuel pump is not getting power, I can make it run on eather.
I replace the ecu, the relay box, the throttle bodies the injectors and still the same . Bike was buried on snow 2 yards ago previous owner just told me that
U said u spray fuel into the throttle bodies and it runs. So the problem has to do with fuel. Have u checked the fuse for the pump? Are u getting electrical power to the fuel pump wires?
im not getting power to fuel pump from the relay box is a white and red wire I send power to it the pump works but the bike doesn't stay running
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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