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So a few months ago, I picked up an 05 ZX6R that had been stolen and had a lot of cosmetic damage and some wires cut for $500.

I am having a lot of work done to it, pretty much making a street legal track bike - street legal for now. Going to do the super street class out here in Colorado at HPR and hopefully get a lot of track time in.

My mechanic is awesome, he's a Tech for the Westby Racing MotoAmerica Team.

I got a decent set of plastics and the work is almost done.

Baseline dyno before any extra mods/tuning (it already had a 2 brothers slip on exhaust is all) was 99.97whp.

It has since received (or almost done getting installed) a valve adjustment, new front fork seals, stainless steel braided brake lines, new tires front and rear, disabled the internal butterfly valves, quickshifter, 1 tooth smaller sprocket in front, new rear sprocket (stock size), new steering head bearing, had the pretty decent steering dampener that was on it shipped out to be refurbished, rebuilt front calipers and then it will be ECM tuned with custom fuel mapping, etc..

Hoping to have all the work done and back on the dyno sometime in the next week-ish to see what the final numbers come out to.

Here is a before picture next to my Versys and my buddies CBR1000RR - and a couple pictures of the bike during it's initial dyno pull with the freshly painted fuel tank.
Dyno 2.jpg
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