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Hi All,

Yesterday, I had the bike out and it was running great. Stopped for an hour and when I went to start it the dash lights and display went all crazy and there was a continuous clicking from the battery/tail area.

Dead battery, right? So with some jumper cables it started up but as soon as the cables are removed the bike dies. For the night I left it on the battery tender thinking it would be fully charged the next day at least.

Next day, I tried starting it and got the same wonky dash lights and display, a click when the starter is pressed, and clicking sound from the rear. Connected a battery pack and it starts up no problem.

With the bike running, I get 53v from the alternator versus the required 42v ("or higher").

Each phase of the alternator measures 0.5ohms versus the stated 0.3-0.4ohms. The rectifier test shows the opposite results stated in the manual and the values are 2.1 Mohms and "infinity" but otherwise normal according to my interpretation of the manual.

So my question is: Are my alternator and rectifier good?

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