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05 636 bogs on take off

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hey everyone im new here and had a few questions my buddy is bringing up his 05 636 today for me to take a look at he saying its bogs on take offs. has anyone else had any issues like this to kinda point me in the right direction here because ive never worked on a 636 but i did resurrect my 81 kz550 from he dead. i know as soon as he gets here im going to check fuel, spark, compression, etc. so i guess my main question for you guys is what have you done to fix the problem. we have about 1k mile trip to miami planed for this weekend that he would really like to go on.
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Bogging on take off? start with setting the correct idle. those bikes still got an idle adjuster on the right side. thumb screw on an insulated cable. That turns a screw on the throttlebody which sets the dead stop of the throttle at rest. If the butterflies aren't opened enough to let air in for combustion under idle then it's sitting on the verge of stalling hence the bogging.

In case he rides like me with almost no throttle at take offs unless i'm in a hurry.
Same thing if coasting without giving it any or just little throttle. If the idle is set too low then it starts starving of air and bogs.

If it's really only showing in the lower revvs then why panic so much?

If the bike has a bad sparkplug you'd see it by how quickly sprayed water evaporates from each of the exhaust headers.
With the engine warmed up, put on a stand and roll on the throttle, climbing up to 14k rpm and letting off throttle so it shuts close. if it backfires like hell or doesn't make it up all the way to redline you got a fuel system issue.

Buddy of mine had a 07 track ninja that would start cutting out at 10k rpm totally randomly. Don't know what it was in the end but replacing the ecu helped him. He also had a powercommander with quick shift set up. Those tend to give false signals to the ECU after some time when wearing out.
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I have a 2006 636 with 8k in miles and had the same problem. The plugs were never changed, I changed them and the battery and haven't had any issues since.
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it was the coil in the 3rd cyclinder we got a new one pop in and its all good now thanks for ur help guys
Good deal man. It was a easy fix. Enjoy your ride and be safe. And remember down here you are invisible to all the dumbasses down here on cellphones and generally just oblivious to the world around them.
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