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05/06 Motor Replacement

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I just bought a 2005 ZX6R for my son, I knew it had a bad motor when I picked it up, I'm wanting to find a complete running motor just to get it going for him. My plans are to build the bad motor over the next winter with some performance upgrades. Is there any other year models that will work or should I just stay with the 05-06? If anyone has a complete motor please let me know, he just got his Driver License and will be stepping up from a 250 ninja, he's really excited and can't wait, lol. I just joined this forum so I can't post in the classifieds yet, would someone post for me that I'm looking for a complete 05-06 running motor? I really appreciate any help or suggestions, I have some extra parts for this motor I would do some trading on a motor or sell to put towards a motor, I have a good complete head with everything, a set of cases, good crank and rods, and miscellaneous motor parts.
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Nevermind on posting for me, i just realized I can post to the wanted section.
Last year I had to hunt down an 05/06 engine and I ended up finding one in Florida.
It was ? 600 for the engine and $300 to ship it to me or something like that

I still ended up tearing it apart and doing a full rebuild (freshening with a little extra)

But prices were ridiculous and it took nearly 3 weeks to find that one, many people thought they were worth $1300-$1800 plus shipping (for a complete unknown)

We also bought a bike complete that actually started and ran........ but that engine upon disassembly had been fucked up so bad it was a throw away sans the entirely new transmission gears and shift forks.

ie---all the case bolts were stripped out of the cases
epoxy resin used in the output shaft bearing because it had worn the back of the case out by more than .100" (riding around with way too tight of chain no doubt)
pistons were even in backwards.... well I guess technically the rods were backwards which made the pistons backwards cuz I would guess they never removed the pistons from the rods
there was more..... I had a thread and tons of pictures about the ordeal (about June 2014)
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