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03-04 zx6r fork help !

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Hi so I recently bought a wrecked 03 zx6r as a project. Here's my issue it has a bent RH fork. When I bought the bike the guy included a new fork but once I looked at it the extra fork is for the left side. So my question is, is it possible to remove the caliper bracket from the inner fork tube? I would like to just switch the caliper bracket from the bent fork to the straight fork. Thanks in advance. Also I have my fork taken apart and the cylinder set is down inside the inner fork tube and don't know how to get the cylinder set out?
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I can be done. Your probably going to need to enlist the help of someone who works on suspension for a living. You need to apply a lot of heat and force to get those axel dropouts off the fork tube. You also need to apply a lot of force to seat them on the new tube. It really takes special vice/tools so that you do not destroy the parts in the process.

Maybe someone on here has actually done it an can offer practical advice on the process.
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Natbrown is right. It can be done but its not easy. Have to take the forks apart, remove the internals, separate the outer tube from the lower. Place it in a vice, motion pro and ohlins both make a special tool to hold the lower tube. Remove the small locking allen and add lots of heat. The tube then unscrews from the lower but with alot of force!! After buying the special tools you are probably better off just buying another set of forks. I sold a set with gold valves installed for $200. Check ebay, 03-04 forks are cheap.
Thanks guys I have both forks fully striped figured out the cylinder in the bottom I'm this far so I think I'm going to try to keep going. Does any one know what head the lock screw in the side of the axle dropout is it dosent look like a normal Allen head to me
Ok I gave in and called a suspension shop they said they can switch the tubes over no problem so I should be back in action in no time
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