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03/04/05/06 ZX636 ZX6R speedo upgrade

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Hello ZX6R forum!
I'm extr400 from Kawiforums (and same profile on here now too) :hmmm:
Just wanted to publicise a project that I've had running to use the new style dial gauges (from 2007 bikes onwards) on the 03 to 06 bikes that used the LCD style clocks.

Well the good news is that the project is finished now and thanks to several forum members that have been willing test victims, I now have a plug and play solution to make the upgrade be seamless and easy.

The new style speedo gives you the better looking moving dial tacho and LCD speed readout. Its also much better for track use as its easier to register what a dial gauge is telling you than the LCD tacho graph, on a quick glance.

The trick feature is that the adapter calculates the gear from the difference between the speed and tacho signals and sends an extra digital signal to the new speedo to work the gear readout. This also stops the annoying red FI light from flashing :crazy

The engine signals are all a bit different between model years, so the adapter adjusts them to be correct for the new speedo. Essentially this is doing a speedo healer function, so it was logical to allow some extra variation to take account of custom final drive sprocket sizes. There is a Windows PC interface program that talks over USB to set up the adapter.

Since its a community led project I have kept costs as low as possible. Am currently selling them to forum members for US$50 and $10 post (international signed for delivery) - they are made by me in Scotland.

I'm an electronics engineer by trade, so have tried to make it as good as any commercial product.

Have limited numbers available, but can build more on demand. Please PM me if your interested.


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Got mine today! Ordered from PA, USA. Worked as advertised, no issues whatsoever. 06 zx6r to 2011 cluster. Thank you @extr400 You the man.
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I am also interested in one for my 2005 zx6r if you could message me how to order one from you extr400

Thank you!
Can you please PM me? I can’t PM you and I’d like to order one for my 2005 ASAP.


I am looking to upgrade my 2005 to a 2008 and I am very interested in ordering this as well!! @extr400 can you please add me to the list to PM?

321 - 325 of 325 Posts