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02/03 wheels

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I'm thinking about purchasing a set of wheels. The seller has a set (comes with wheels tires rotors and bearings) from a 2002 zx6r. I own a 2003 zx6r. Would they be a direct fit to my bike? Sorry for the newbie question. It's my first bike. Also thanks for the help.
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I'll leave this here for you: Parts Compatibility List

I believe the short answer is yes. I think that 98-04 wheels are all the same (fronts might not be?), but check the list to be sure.
i do know that the disc size is different the zx6r j2 has 300mm and the b1h 03/04 has 280mm ,as for wheels i would imagine there the same ,i fitted a b1h 03/04 swingarm in to the rear of my j2 and my rear wheel went straight in to it
Awesome thanks for the knowledge! My next question is that he is asking $150 for the whole set. Says no wobbles or hops to the wheels. A fair price?
That's a good price if they have discs?
Be interested to know if the front fits. Need one myself
Yes discs included. Others have told me the front just needs the spacers from the 02 to fit the 03, but I do not know for sure. I'm picking them up this weekend so I will let you know wether it fits or not.
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