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  1. For Sale 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6RR ZX-6RR - Denver, Colorado

    2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6RR (ZX6RR) Location: Denver, CO I purchased this bike in the fall of 2013 with 24k on it. It now sits at 35,776 and has performed flawlessly and has been well maintained ever since. Don't be scared of slightly higher miles than average, my Vstrom has over 70k and is...
  2. 03 ZX6RR compatible wiring harness

    Mechanical and Technical
    Can the 03 zx600ke use an 06 ZX636 main wiring harness and ignition wiring harness?
  3. 03 ZX6RR Stick Coil Issues

    Mechanical and Technical
    So i have a 04 636 frame with a ZX600KE motor, my issue began with a stick coil going bad and thought that would be the end of it, popped a new one in, made it 15 miles away and the new one exploded, since then ive been through roughlllllly 5 stick coils in the time span of about 1 month...
  4. Master Turkey's ZX6RR

    The Build Thread
    The Build (Proposed and subject to change) : 2005 ZX6RR Full KIT accouterments Full Muzzy Exhaust - header to can (from Carbon) Vortex Rear Sets (planned) Shorai Battery (planned) Seat with the velvet inner leather other (from Carbon) (JD Gun's old seat I forget the name of the wrap) Air box...
  5. 2003 zx6rr charcoal canister removal

    Mechanical and Technical
    Due to some damage to my 03 zx6rr's left fairing I had to cut and modify it a bit. Now the charcoal canister is a bit of an eye sore so I'd like to remove it(i live in az). I was wondering what all I need to do to correctly remove it so that everything else still works properly. Thanks.
  6. 03 636 swap

    Mechanical and Technical
    ok guys, i've done a bit of research and i think i have my answer, but i can't find anything specific to my '03. my question is this: i have an 03 636 with a salvage title. bike is in more-or-less perfect running order, but i cant get it registered. i found a zx6rr frame for sale with clean...
  7. 2003 ZX6RR nose fairing

    United Kingdom
    Just wondering if anybody is selling the nose fairing or front mud guard for a 2003 zx6rr/636 in original kawasaki green? got a hole in mine :(
  8. Looking to buy 05-06 ZX6RR shock

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking to buy a ZX6RR shock from 2005-2006. If you have one you're looking to get rid of please let me know.
  9. 06 ZX6RR Rebuild (w/pictures, lots of pictures)

    The Build Thread
    Hi, I been working on fixing my bike for awhile now. I was looking at the rebuild threads on here a lot and decided I wanted to make one to share and get some input/feedback/words of encouragement lol. Anyway some history on the bike. I bought it on craigslist in about February. I had it for...
  10. Ohlins on 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6RR

    Ohlins on 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6RR

    Not many people have seen this setup.
  11. 03 ZX6rr ECU problem? "its electric!"

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok so I started having trouble starting my bike but once I got her up and going everything was normal. Periodical starting issue got worse and I realized the fuel pump wasn't getting its "prime time." Started as the manual suggested, no power to pump go to fuel pump relay. Relay was gravy but...
  12. Need rims for a 07 zx6rr

    The ZX6R
    Apparently I have a zx10 rear rim and my front rim has a slight dent. I just got new tires put on and now it's not riding right. It sounds like something is catching/rubbing. I don't think it's the chain and/or sprockets. The mechanic thinks the chains not straight because of the rim. I just...
  13. New to the forum

    New Member Introductions
    Whats going on over here!:rant
  14. vp2752836_7_large


    My 03 6RR again
  15. 03 ZX6RR

    03 ZX6RR

    Recently purchased my zx6rr which has 2800 miles on it, i just super happy to share it with whomever.
  16. Parked zx6rr hit by car while away....

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I was parked in a little outlet getting some Thai food with my girlfriend... when we finish and I get back to my bike I realize something is not right with my bike. As I get closer I realize someone has hit it and picked it back up. Luckily I had witnesses and someone gave me a license plate...
  17. 03 zx6rr rebuild now no spark

    Mechanical and Technical
    hi all this is my first post on here and im new to kawasakis. i bought a 03 zx6rr track bike that needed a rebuild, i done the work to it but now it wont spark. ive checked all the wireing and looks ok also done the self diagnosis check which comes back as sub throttle actuator, ive checked...
  18. Got a sweet deal on a full Akrapovic system, but...

    Motorcycle Talk
    So I found a dude on CL yesterday that was selling a full Akropovic Titanium system for the 05-06 for $500. I emailed him and found out he also had some decent Michelin pilot power take-offs that he was willing to give me for free. Sweet deal, right? Right, except that he didnt give me the...
  19. The wonderful "squishy brake syndrome". I Need Help Guys...

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone. I have an '06 ZX6RR. It's got about 3800 miles on it. I bought it a little over a month ago and when I bought it the guy told me "if it sits for more than 2 weeks the front brakes get real squishy/soft but work themselves out". I didn't think much of it at the time but recently had...
  20. 2006 ZX6RR Busted tail fairing while parking...Help :(

    Mechanical and Technical
    Yes, Ive got 2 months street experience on my ZX6RR here on the streets of Phoenix, so I am still a noob. I havent gotten in any wrecks but have dropped my bike twice....while I was PARKING it :( The most recent time I actually did some damage. I was in a rush to put my bike behind my RV...