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  1. LOOKING for 03 zx6r power commander

    Want to Buy
    Im looking for a cheap used power commander that works can pay for shipping or pick up if yall are in the Nazareth PA area.
  2. 03 stator to rectiufier plug was burnt and crumbled today need advice.

    The ZX6R
    My plug that connects the xtor to the rectifier just burnt up and today i found it was crumbling from both the stator and rectifier. Can i just cut it and get butt connectors to make a new plug?
  3. I Fu*ked up hard please help!!!

    The ZX6R
    I wanna start this by saying I'm a complete idiot like huge massive and oh my god I feel like it. Story- I overfilled my oil "I know I'm an idiot" I don't even know how I did honestly I have been using the same combo forever like 15000 miles. I don't think I let enough drain out because I was in...
  4. Problems with Shogun frame sliders. Right side spinning?

    The ZX6R
    So, I just got a zx6r not too long ago.. Grabbed some frame sliders to go with it. My right one is spinning for some reason but the bolt is all the way in. Unfortunately, these Shogun ppl do not offer instructions and you have to find them. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what im doing...
  5. 2016 kawasaki zx6r wont start

    The ZX6R
    Aloha everyone, just joined the group. Lets make this short and sweet. Went on a cruise. Stopped two minutes in to get gas. Rode down the hwy for 6 minutes then the bike bogs out and dies on me (lights still on). I coast down the road and off to the shoulder.. I towed it home. It's been 2 months...
  6. 03 zx6r ticking after cam chain tension

    The ZX6R
    Hello, I just recently bought an 03 zx6r. I have been a honda guy for years but thought I would try one of the legendary Kawis I hear so much about. I got the bike and its amazing a lot of power great bike and has woodcraft clip ons SCORE!!. But after a while, it started ticking louder and...
  7. 2019 zx6r krt abs - good price?

    The ZX6R
    What's up everyone? Looking for some advice. Had a 2017 ZX6R KRT that was stolen a couple months ago and back in the market for another. I found a 2019 ZX6R KRT with ABS for 466 miles with a M4 Slayer Slip-on, TST Integrated Tailight, TST Fender Elimantor and HealTech Servo Buddy for $8400...
  8. Engine check light turns on when crusining in 5th or 6th gear

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello, So I recently bought a 2015 zx6r fully stock. Equipped it with a decat pipe and akrapovic slip on but left the catalytic converters inside the headers. To compliment all of that I installed servo buddy and a o2 sensor eliminator, so that bike wouldn't run lean ( probably need a PC5 nad...
  9. Zx6r Mechanical Issues

    Whats Up Guys! So Ive been having some problems with my 09 zx6r , when i take off it seems to sputter / bog alittle, once im rolling it rides fine , but if im on a wheelie and im on high rpms it sputter again. I was told the ECU is from a 13+ and its flashed. Im thinking thats my problem but not...
  10. Youtube Channel

    Hi guys, wanted to let everybody know about my Youtube channel. I've got MotoVlog's and How-to video's there for you guys to check out. Hit the link below and don't forget to Subscribe. Link to Channel: Timmy Torque
  11. ZX6R Stator Alternator

    Mechanical and Technical
    Would a ZX7R stator alternator fit/work in a ZX6R? Or does anyone know where I can get one for ZX6R 98-99?
  12. 2014 zx6r high speed problem

    Mechanical and Technical
    Im having problem with my ZX6R at the high end speed. Sometimes i feel the bike stay when I open the throttle but it go back again. Now this is not all the times. Normally in 1, 2,3,4 gears it reapond to the throttle. Once i pass it 5 gear the motorcycle hits 112mph to 122mph and when hit the 6...
  13. Pencil dropped in the exhaust!!!

    The ZX6R
    I know it should not happened, but my 3 year old dropped a ball point (pen) in the exhaust of my Zx6r 2014 with scorpion exhaust, what should I do now? I don’t have any good mechanic near me.
  14. Bike stalls when I shift to 1st gear

    The ZX6R
    I am new to super bikes, I bought an zx6r with 20k kms it was kept very good. I have using riding it from last 600 Kms and today When I came back from a ride I stopped my bike and then when I put it in 1st gear it turned off. I then started it again and same thing happened evey time, then I let...
  15. First Track Bike - Building a machine

    Hey Guys/Gals! Figured I would start a thread on the "New" bike I acquired to be my track day motorcycle. my thought process was that if I knew I had a clean well running machine for my everyday riding then I could buy a less appealing motorcycle and really push myself to the limit when I go to...
  16. Minnesota Riders.

    The ZX6R
    I am the owner of a 2010 ZX6R. I am looking for some riders to ride with in MN or anyone visiting. ' There is already a forum like this but it is very outdated as far as I can tell, I believe it was around 6 years ago that forum was made. If you are from MN just reply to this post saying what...
  17. Who said that commute can’t be fun?

    I love riding my2019 ZX6R. I commute on my bike every day. Hopefully next week I’ll have time to ride some canyons, but for now, here are some of my commute videos, where I’m just trying to have some fun. Please subscribe if you like my videos. There are more to come.
  18. 00 zx6r cylinder head clamps

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey All :) Looking for advice on my 2000 zx6r please. I've been having vacuum leak troubles with the carb ever since a rebuild last year. Today I discovered the tie down bolts for 2 of the 4 carb manifold clamps weren't tight. Unfortunately I bought the bike with all 4 bolts stripped, so I...
  19. 2019 ZX6R potential problems after forcing upshift without clutch?..

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all, New here but I have a quick question. I recently switched my '19 zx6r to gp shifting and when I tried to use the quickshifter (going downwards now), I noticed it got stuck and then eventually shifted if i tried a little harder. However, I realized that the '19 zx6r quickshifter is...
  20. stolen zx636 2017 in Las Vegas nv!!!

    West Coast
    Please be on the look out guys for this bike or any parts for sale that might be suspiciously cheap. they might be from my bike!! she was pretty much in super mint condition. m4 exhaust asv pink levers smoked integrated tail light Ohlins Steering Damper r&g tank slider clear (yellow) tank...