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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello everyone. Bought my first ninja the other week, she was running rough. now I havelooked at carbs and notice fuel level was incorrect. (20-50mm below mark in service manuel) I try to set fuel level, but fuel leaks out of the needle jet’s guide before I can get it to correct fuel level...
  2. The ZX6R
    Hi everyone. I have this small problem but quite annoying for me while riding the bike. I just bought the 2013 ZX636 model and decided to join the kawi gang, previously I rode GSXR since 2017, the 600 K7, and then in 2021 the 1000 K8. Suzuki spareparts are pretty rare in my country and it costs...
  3. The ZX6R
    Voglio cambiare il display di zx6r 07 con uno di zx10r 2016. Adoro il suo display. Questo è possibile? Come?
  4. The ZX6R
    Alright so I have a 2021 zx6r, got -1 sprocket for the front to put on. And let me tell you I swear kawasaki had the hulk on steroids put this damn nut on. 27mm deep 6 point on a impact gun, nothing. 1/2 breaker bar with 2 ft of steel pipe on the end, nothing. Roasted the nut for like 30 min...
  5. The ZX6R
    Hey guys looking to buy a 2011 zx6r with 11k miles for $5,000 do you think it’s a good deal? It has - Clean title in hand Ohlins steering dampener Ram phone mount M4 exhaust slip on
  6. The ZX6R
    Hi all, I just started letting my girl ride on the back, but it’s uncomfortable for both of us and less fun for myself with her on the back. does everyone feel this? Any tips? thanks!
  7. The ZX6R
    Just bought my 2022 Krt, my choice slip on are out of stock everywhere I look. The link pipe is available so my question is this. Does the link pipe fit between the factory header and factory slip on?
  8. The ZX6R
    Okay so I bought a 1998 zx6r is very rough condition took fairings off and frame ended up being cracked. Bought a new frame off a 06 zzr600 everything fit like a glove but now my bike is sitting 5inches higher, my forks also seem to be at a weird angle I’m at a loss every thing was removed and...
  9. The ZX6R
    Hello everyone, I got my 205 636c for 6 years now and do most of the maintenance myself. Yesterday as I was overtaking a car at 80-85mph and for the first time I noticed a Verry loud sound comming from the front of the bike as I was overtaking I thought the car was honking but it didn't stop...
  10. The ZX6R
    So i think i burned my clutch out. Im the third owner (currently 36k) and this thing has had a bunch of weird stuff done to it. Was running well though (did tune up when purchased, rode approx 1k) and i was with a buddy, trying to show off. did a couple burnouts and instant charma..tried to pull...
  11. The ZX6R
    I got a 2005 ZX6R I am putting new fairing bolts on and I noticed their are two spots that appear to be missing some type of bracket for me to actually put the bolts through. I found this photo of the brackets on the cover itself, the left side one looks like their is another piece behind that...
  12. The ZX6R
    Does anyone know if there are any differences in fitment? Will an exhaust that says 2013-18 fit the newer Zx6r? Some exhausts say 09-21 and other say 13-18 so there is no clear answers to this that I could find. Thank you in advance!
  13. Mechanical and Technical
    I just removed the EVAP canister off my CA spec ZX6r. For the hose with the blue marks (goes from the gas tank to the Evap can), is it ok just to route it to the ground like the coolant overflow hose? Cause it’s just meant to catch overflow/evaporated gas from the tank, correct?
  14. New Member Introductions
    Name is Brett Parker I just picked up this 2016 ZX6R ABS KRT Edition over the weekend up in Dallas TX. Took it down to the coast this weekend and its by far my favorite bike that I have owned. Just picked up a bunch of aftermarket stuff from TST Industries this morning and an Ohlins steering...
  15. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello! I am just wondering if anyone knows how to replace just the end caps on the forks for the ZX6R. I have a 2016 that i just bought and its in near mint condition. Looks like maybe it say outside more often than inside and the RED fork end caps are now more on the pink side. I would love to...
  16. The ZX6R
    Howdy everyone. I have a few questions about financing. Like I said in my intro, I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a brand new 2022 ZX6R KRT. I’ve talked to the dealership and gotten an OTD quote of $14000 which includes all taxes fees, as well as shipping the bike to Kauai, where I live...
  17. Guides
    Hey everyone I am new to this group and the bike world. I recently just bought a 2006 ZX636. It was driving fine and strong when bought it which was a couple of days ago. Yesterday I went for a ride and I turned it off to put gas and when l left, the engine started sputtering and then stopped...
  18. The ZX6R
    Looking for a tank for my 08 zx6r, no dents. In perfect world black or dark grey but can paint need be. Cash in pocket
  19. The ZX6R
    2008 zx6r, i put new spark plugs in my bike. Buddy of mine says i should put iridiums or something like that in it that has more spark and burns hotter. Advice? My bike stinks like gas, not horrible but u can smell it. This was a cheap option i was willing to try for now. I google searched my...
1-19 of 475 Results