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  1. New Member Introductions
    I've been reading around and just want to check with some people that know the bike better! I have a 2005 zx6r 636 and last ride of the season last year I left it outside a store and came out and wouldn't start, so I pop started it and it was good. 10 minutes later on my way back my dash...
  2. The ZX6R
    2005 Kawasaki zx6r 636 Looking for a custom map better than power commanders preset ones Yoshi rs5 slip on Cat removed Jumper mod K&N air filter Read about JDGuns map and tweakmons, but all threads were 7 years old and for a pc3 not 5 Any help would be appreciated
  3. Videos
    https://youtu.be/jUnGC_6oSRI Here's my newest upload. In the video I go to Hosier Lane in Melbourne City, a street art loaded back alley and get some shots of my bike in and around all the pretty colors!! If you want, please subscribe to my channel. I also like the haters, please comment...
  4. The ZX6R
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    Heu guys im hoping one of you might be able to help me out. I just plugged my battery back in (after having it out all winter, on a trickle charger) when i reconnected everything and turned the key the bike went through its usual starting sequence but when i turned the ignition it just died. Now...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just bought a used (somewhat stock) 2005 Ninja ZX-6R with 22k miles on it and super stoked with it. Started out riding my other bike (2014 Harley Davidson 883) for the past 1-1/2 years. After putting about 12k miles on it, I figured it was time to get one of these sexy ass machines to share in...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I'm new to the kawasaki world and I was wondering if anyone can help with instructions on how to remove and replace the throttle cable in my 2005 kawasaki 636. Mine is fraud and about to snap any day now. Thanks.
  8. United Kingdom
    Hi guys, First post! Need some advice. I'm thinking about starting a little Ninja project, I'll be buying a zx636 2005 in a couple of weeks (Once I've sold my J1) and have had an idea but some people have said it'll look awful whilst other say it'll look awesome! So the plan would be to paint...
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    I had my bike (05 zx6r) in today because my FI light was on and turns out I don't have that octagon shaped plate for my servo. I was told it was supposed to come with the aftermarket exhaust but I bought the bike like this. Any tips on where I can get a plate? I've read about the servo buddy...
  10. Motorcycle Talk
    What's up guys just want to start by saying I ride a 2006 zx6r I had her for about a year or so now, and I AM IN LOVE!!:naughty: I've put a lot of work into her since I've got her all scratched up a wrecked! Her she is when I first got her: The pictures looks 10x better than how bad she...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone :devious I am new here, firstly would like to congratulate everyone on here that own a Ninja ZX6R, I joined because I have a question and I thought it would be kool :2fingerlol: to be a member of such a large community! My question is; I am selling a stock exhaust from my '05 ZX6r...
1-11 of 12 Results