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  1. 2013 zx6r 636 + M4 GP exhaust slip on

    Mechanical and Technical
    I know theres probably hundreds of threads just like this, but i was curious as to if i will need a tune for my bike with the slip on. If i remove the pre-muffler and the muffler will it cause a backpressure change?
  2. I wanna turn my motor Manually

    The ZX6R
    Hi 6rs, I need help please. I was in a bad crash a month ago and right now I don't have any cash for crazy-ass Mechs, I'm from South Africa and over here even a service costs an arm, leg and balls. I need to turn my motor, so it doesn't seize. I tried hotwiring the bike, since the ignition...
  3. New to Forum! 636 (pic included)

    New Member Introductions
    Good morning! My name is Justin and I'm just saying hello as I recently made my account and joined this forum. :BigGrin I've been hovering on the Z1000 forums for the last couple years as that was the last bike I've owned. After selling it last July I've been dying for another bike ever since...
  4. My 04 ZX636 conundrum

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I have been a visitor of the forum for many years but have never posted. I have a 2004 ZX636, with 18k miles, in Blazin Pearl Orange. Its has a few things done to it such as PC3, slip on exhaust, integrated tail light, etc... This is the bike that I learned to ride on and I have...
  5. 05 ZX636 Speedometer temperamental

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, Recently purchased a 2005 ZX636. In first and second gear it seems that the speedo works okay, but once there are more vibrations and higher speed it'll show anything from 0 to whatever speed it thinks I'm going. Is this a loose connection or is there a sensor I should know about...
  6. Zx636 c1h 05 interchangable parts zx10r 2005

    The ZX6R
    Good day all, So I've been researching for days now and cant find a thread about interchangable parts on a zx636 05 and zx10r 05. Basically, I currently have a zx636 05 c1h, in my eyes its the prettiest sportiest model of all the ninjas. However, the time has come and I need more power!! So im...
  7. New Bike 2003 Zx636

    The ZX6R
    Hello All, Just sharing my excitement. I finally got another bike recently. This is my 4th Kawi and so far I love it. The was riding yesterday on the I-15N and my rear seat cowl flew off. I had to go back and retrieve all of my papers that were stored in that compartment, that was a pain...
  8. 03-04 zx6r

    Want to Buy
    Looking for 03-04 zx6r. Running or not. CHEAP! MUST have clean title! Long Island, NY - closer the better. Any help is appreciated!
  9. ZX636 won't start please help!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone just got this account so I would be able to ask you guys a question about my ZX636 06. Bike has been sitting for a couple months. I recently got a new battery and had to replace a gas tank and went to start her up but she still wouldn't turnover. It sounds like the starter isn't...
  10. zx636 2014 evotech tail tidy / fender eliminator

    The ZX6R
    HellO, Did anybody mount evotech tail tidy/fender eliminator to zx636 2013-14? I want to mount one of them because it looks very solid compared to rest of them which looks like made from soda can Can somebody who have it mounted post here real photo of it? Because producent didnt provide...
  11. 03 ZX636 Headlight question

    New Member Introductions
    I was wondering if there is anyone who has changed out the headlights so that both lights are on with "DIM" setting and get brighter with it on "Brights" I know it would most likely require a little wiring mod as well. Just wondering, I just get annoyed by those dip$hits who pull up next to you...
  12. Possible paint job, need advice!!!

    United Kingdom
    Hi guys, First post! Need some advice. I'm thinking about starting a little Ninja project, I'll be buying a zx636 2005 in a couple of weeks (Once I've sold my J1) and have had an idea but some people have said it'll look awful whilst other say it'll look awesome! So the plan would be to paint...
  13. 05 zx636 won't go faster than 75 engine won't rev past 8k

    Mechanical and Technical
    Title pretty much Simms it up but looking for advice I recently did a tune up fresh plugs new k&n air filter oil whole nine yards willing to accept all sudjestions and advise to get my baby back to her former glory
  14. New to ZX636

    The ZX6R
    Hi, just new to ZX636 world and a very newbie here.. :big smile:
  15. turbo build 06 636

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, im starting to build a turbo setup for my 06 zx636 and was just wondering if anyone on here has done this befor or has heard of it being done. Ill post more info and some pictures after i get home frome work.
  16. 03 zx636 what frame fits

    Motorcycle Talk
    Ok so I'm new to the world of bikes I got a salvage 03 zx636 frame totaled and I'm wondering what frames will fit the motor with the least amount of adjusting and still look badass. Any advice will help thank you
  17. zx6r 2005 636 fairing help

    Mechanical and Technical
    hi dose anyone know where i can buy just the right side belly fairing online in uk all i can find online is full sets or damaged on ebay from usa ? all i need is the right side bottom fairing
  18. New from VA (2013 ZX636)

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! Just wanted to say hello, I purchase/pick-up my 2013 ZX636 tomorrow! I'm super excited. Here is the only crappy cell phone pic I got before I left the dealership. More to come when I get her home! EDIT: Looks like there is a post cap before I can post pics, here is a direct link...
  19. what front rim will fit a zx636 2005?

    Mechanical and Technical
    hi i recently went down and am fixing the bike myself i have fixed most of it up now and ordered all i need but one thing i cant find is a 2nd hand front wheel in the uk :O but have found others on 600 kawasakis that look the same as mine just wondering if anyone knows what wheels would fit my...
  20. Need help!!!

    New Member Introductions
    hi everyone im new to this forum and need some help im looking for a zx6r 2005 636 front wheel/rim please contact me if you have one for sale also what other wheels would fit zx10s or zx14s ? please help