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  1. Videos
    Hi guys, wanted to let everybody know about my Youtube channel. I've got MotoVlog's and How-to video's there for you guys to check out. Hit the link below and don't forget to Subscribe. Link to Channel: Timmy Torque
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Whats up everyone on zx636 forum. I been a member on here a while now and I could use all your guys help. So I started a new youtube channel up I want you all to go take a look and like and subscribe to it !!! Its a streetbike channel of my every day rides and activities when I'm out on the...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi mates, Just a friendly hello from Melbourne in Australia. I'm new here and would like to say hi! I've already used this forum for tips on buying my new bike with the what to look for threads and the like and will continue to use on a regular basis to maintain and modify my new bike in...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Whats up everyone! So I just picked up a lightly used 2012 zx6r. I recently upgraded for a old school Ninja 250 which I still have for sale. I am blown away by the vast power difference and its intoxicating! I just started riding last year and later started my own youtube motovlogger channel...
  5. The ZX6R
    Just heard the news. It seems that nearly every time I check my instagram, Facebook, or youtube another rider has gotten into an accident or died. I guess thats the risk we all take but this one has really got me sad. RIP:bawling
  6. Videos
    Hey all: So i revamped my youtube channel. On there you'll find rider education videos, garage tips and tech, as well as a new series i'm filming showcasing all the canyon roads in arizona. If you all have any suggestions on future videos let me know. Also if you can help spread my channel...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey riders! I am a motovlogger from Calgary, AB, Canada. I used to ride a Ninja 300 but recently I bought a 2014 zx6r in white. I don't have it yet but it should arrive at the dealer by the end of this week! I do motovlog on youtube MyLifeOnEarth 365 - YouTube. Check it out and if you sub, I'll...
  8. Videos
    Hey Everybody, just posted my first video on youtube! Going to try and make it in the Youtube world. My videos will be about my 09 ZX6R and Tahoe, any support is VERY appreciated so please subscribe and help me get my videos out there! Thanks everybody! Heres the link...
  9. Motorcycle Talk
    Hi I was just wanting to say hi to everyone, im new here, i was wanting to exchange vids on youtube and share expieriences, please visit my youtube channel, i have over 150 uploads and a bunch of the with the gopro hero 2 bakerXderek - YouTube
  10. The ZX6R
    What do you think? SUB? Like? Help me out and comment on the video :D YouTube - ‪2009 Kawasaki ZX6R‬‏
1-13 of 13 Results