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  1. Oil Cap and Sliders

    Oil Cap and Sliders

    My most recent additions. The sliders are made of a much better material than the old ones. The oil cap is just to pop out a little more colour in an area that is rather drab.
  2. Putting on frame sliders should i use loctite/threadlock?

    Mechanical and Technical
    I just got a set of yoshi frame sliders for my '15 frame sliders, should i use loctie when mounting them?
  3. How to - All things Power Commander

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi Everyone! So i tend to work on my bike on my own. This past weekend i installed a K&N filter and a power commander V for my 2013 zx6r.... Bike sounds great, i also dropped the CAT while i was there :) I need to get it tuned, but im having no such luck with a company or two.... they must...
  4. stock midpipe?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello zx6rforum members. Unfortunately my first post on this forum is me selfishly requesting your help, but I don't know where else to go anymore. I've had several mechanics look at my bike and they even spent several day trying to figure out what should be simpler than it is. I have a 2005...
  5. exhaust sounds... shaky?

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I bought my zx6r this last March and since then have put maybe 400 miles on it, it had 23xxx when i purchased it and was running great.it came with a rs-5 yoshimura exhaust on it and the fl light was stuck on, i was told it was becuase they removed the butterfly valve and after looking online...
  6. WTB: Full Aftermarket Exhaust for 08 ZZR600

    Want to Buy
    I wish to buy a used aftermarket exhaust system (full) in excellent condition. Hope to come across someone with a full Muzzy exhaust for sale but will consider Yoshimura, Hindle, Brocks, or others as long as the system is in excellent condition. I've searched all the common sales forums such...
  7. Need help chopping my pipe

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 2004 ZX6R that I bought a few weeks ago. It has an aftermarket yoshi pipe on it, but the guy I bought it from dented and creased it. The crease looks terrible and I want to chop the pipe just above it. How would I go about doing this on my own? Please help!
  8. New User Muffler Sound

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone I'm am new to this site and thought I would start this off with a opinionated question. What is your preference on muffler in regard to sound? I am looking for a new one and am not currently satisfied with the vance hines I currently have. I currently ride a 1998 zx6r with way too...
  9. Comin' at you from Hawaii

    New Member Introductions
    Aloha everyone, I am proud to say that ZX6r.com the very first forum I have EVER joined...and that is because I am so gdamn in love with my 2010 ZX that I couldn't resist joining in order to share and learn with you all. I live on the north shore of Kauai and I've had the bike for a year now...
  10. Rs-5 End Cap?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Does the yoshimura Rs-5 full exhaust system have two different end caps available? For a 2005 zx-6r. Yoshimura RS 5 CF s O Exhaust CBR1000RR CBR 1000RR 04 7 | eBay http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/46850/Motorcycle-Photo-Gallery-Photo/2009-Honda-CBR600RR-Project-Bike-Part-II.aspx I found both of...
  11. 07/08 Owners - Can't find a fender eliminator for my Yoshimura exhaust?!?!

    The ZX6R
    I'm in the process of looking for a fender eliminator kit to put on my bike before I put my Yoshi RS-5 slip-on on, but I need to find a kit that will specifically fit the 2007-2008 ZX6R with a Yoshimura exhaust. Can anyone PLEASE help me out? I want this exhaust put on :coocoo
  12. Fender eliminator problems...cut it off or buy one?

    The ZX6R
    I need to get rid of my ugly mud flap on the back of my 2007 ZX6R, only problem is I have no idea if its better to buy a kit or to just cut it off myself. I want to keep that brake light because it looks sick with all the bulbs, and I'd like to keep the turn signals but if there are better...
  13. Shortie Exhausts for ZX6R?!?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Currently I have a Scorpion exhaust on my bike, but it's a big ole cannon. Im looking at getting something that has a similar sound (deep, with a good whine once past 8k rpms), but half the size... Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. stupid canadapost/customs

    The ZX6R
    so i ordered a yoshi fender eliminator kit for my 2012 zx6r:) Yoshimura R&D - Fender Eliminator Kit off ebay and have been waiting patiently for it to arrive, today the doorbell rang and like a little kid ran happily to the door, firstly the guy doesn't even reply to my hello:thumbdown: and then...
  15. Full Yoshi RS5

    Full Yoshi RS5

    Full Yoshimura RS5 stainless steel exhaust installed
  16. ZX6r Backfiring since Yoshi slip on install

    Mechanical and Technical
    So my 05-06 zx6r is doing occasional little backfires when engine breaking since installing a yoshimura RS-5. Also when cold the idle is a little different, it pulsates a small amount (from 1350RPM to 1000RPM) What does this mean? running a little lean? Should i purchase a Power commander...
  17. 05 zx6r With yoshi Slip on Power commander Map??

    Mechanical and Technical
    So im still looking for a map for my bike as follows: 2005-06 zx636 H&N Air filter Yoshimura RS-5 slip on otherwise stock Does anyone have one? or know of one? the Dynojet website doesn't have any for a yoshi Slip on Cheers, Dane
  18. PC 3 + PC 5 Maps

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, Just bought a Power commander for my zx6r 2005 today (was told its a PC5 although im not sure if they even work on a 05 model...) anyway... looking for a map to fit it. Its got a Yoshimura RS-5 slip on and a K&N Filter. Anyone got a map they could send to me?? Cheers!
  19. I took all the Packing out of my pipe

    The ZX6R
    I was really bored last night and it was raining, so since I couldn't ride my bike, I decided I was gonna work on it. I always wanted to pull the packing out of my pipe but I never had the time. So I gatherd up my cordless drill,my rivet gun and a pack of rivets. I drilled out the rivets on...