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  1. The ZX6R
    I am building a bike utilizing a 2004 ZX6R front suspension. 1) Does anyone have all the specs of the 2004 front wheel (ie other models that fit, other years, etc) 2) Are there any websites that have a selection of wheels for an '04 zx6R? 3) Anyone seen a spoked version of a wheel for a ZX6R...
  2. Want to Buy
    I went down at NJMP yesterday and somehow bent my front rim. Just need the front, but if someone’s looking to come off a set for the right price I’m all ears.
  3. Want to Buy
    Hi gang, I'm looking for my 2013 ZX-6R: -Damper, Ohlins steering damper. If you have a good deal on a GPR v4 I'll consider that as well -Shock, rear. Preferably Ohlins or Elka -Wheels, preferably complete. Please undamaged/straight -Rear sets, (Vortex/Woodcraft) -Case savers (Woodcraft/GB...
  4. Want to Buy
    Update: Found a set of 2013 wheels. Thanks! Hello All I'm local in San jose 95128 area and am looking for front and rear OEM or race wheels. I'd prefer the rotors and spacers all included so that I could plug them in directly at the track. I do not need your tires since I have my own. OEM...
  5. The ZX6R
    I'm thinking about purchasing a set of wheels. The seller has a set (comes with wheels tires rotors and bearings) from a 2002 zx6r. I own a 2003 zx6r. Would they be a direct fit to my bike? Sorry for the newbie question. It's my first bike. Also thanks for the help.
  6. The ZX6R
    I wanna get some rim tape for my bike soon. I cant decide what thickness I want tho. Im leaning more towards the 1/4". I just think 3/8" is gonna be to much. If anyone has either of these can you post some pics so I can get a good idea what im looking at? Checked other threads on here found...
  7. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what years of wheels would fit a 2008 bike, ie will 06, or 09, wheels fit? also has anyone any experience with the cheap Chinese wheels on ebay? I'm a little worried about racing on them. Thanks in advanced, Charlie.
  8. The ZX6R
    I just cleaned my 2008 ZX6R, and after I cleaned the red wheels, they started getting the white haze all over. I used Mothers wheel/tire cleaner, but now I'm thinking that wasn't the best thing to do. No matter what I try, it seems like it comes back and won't go away. Does anybody have any...
  9. The ZX6R
    What brand of tires do you swear by? (Note- I just mentioned the brands, feel free to share your exact tire)
  10. The ZX6R
    Quick question, since english is not my native tongue, i just wanna make sure i have a full understanding of which wheels/rims will fit on my "ZX-6R 1998". I'm about to remake the bike into a streetfighter and then i will need black rims, the ones i have today are green. EBAY currently do not...
  11. Mechanical and Technical
    Does anyone know how to safely remove/ Replace the rear wheel bearings on a 2000 zx6r. Also, If the factory wheels that It came with are Forged / Cast aluminum and how to tell the difference? Please and thanks! p.s. Be detailed!! Thanks! !! =D
  12. Mechanical and Technical
    hi i recently went down and am fixing the bike myself i have fixed most of it up now and ordered all i need but one thing i cant find is a 2nd hand front wheel in the uk :O but have found others on 600 kawasakis that look the same as mine just wondering if anyone knows what wheels would fit my...
  13. Want to Buy
    Hi guys, I am looking to get an extra set of wheels with rotors/bearings/sprocket for my zx6r 2011. I will use them as a backup for when I will go to the track. If you have for sale only the rear, that would work out too.
  14. The ZX6R
    So when I got my bike awhile ago, the wheels where pretty dirty, I've tried cleaning it with just a microfiber cloth but it didn't really remove anything. Ie read on some other sites People use goo gone. Has anyone used that for their wheels, or can recommend a wheel cleaner?
  15. Mechanical and Technical
    I'm waiting for a '09/'10/'11 (FRONT) wheel. Will this fit '05/'06 ZX636? Thanks people
1-15 of 21 Results