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  1. New Member Introductions
    What's up I'm new to this awesome site can't really figure out how to search for what I'm looking for.. Anyways I'm riding a 07 zx6r I just purchased this baby about 5 months ago for $3000 only 6500 miles on it now 9000 ... I'm trying to learn wheelies now. Before you flame me I wear all my gear...
  2. Stunting
    Just made this quick edit under 2 hours yesterday... && Sorry bout the 3 super slow-motion shots.. Didn't realize how slow they actually were until I was completely done, and I didn't want to go back in to edit it. (It'd mess up the music that the video goes a long to.) lol. I Got 99...
  3. Stunting
    So... My experience of wheelies is watching a how to video on YouTube. Lol. Starting only with power wheelies, and seems to work ok when I hit the sweet spot in the throttle. Not gonna try clutch ups for a while, but does anyone have any hints or tips for the power wheelies? I dont wanna wipe...
  4. Stunting
    ok so i started doing wheelies about a week ago and i cant get that balls in my stomach feeling to go away when i bring it up any tips that can help ill post a video of the last time i practiced sorry its dark and i have to put the link because it wont let me upload the video 2009 kawasaki...
  5. Stunting
    Hey guys, so as the Tittle states, i would like to start learning how to do to sit down clutch wheelies I've tried a couple of times and got the front wheel off the ground by half a wheel Any helpful tips? first gear? second? My biggest worry is 12 o clocking... how long do I need to pull...
  6. Stunting
    I'm talking just plain and simple power... you roll on the throttle and the front wheel launches toward space. I am not talking about dumping the clutch and hold on tight... Please name your bike with a yes or no answer. :scared:
1-6 of 6 Results