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  1. The ZX6R
    hey guys, i been trying to wheelie for a while and cant seem to get it down...need help..i have a 2012 zx6r, i try to wheelie in 2nd gear. i watched a ton of videos and still cant get it. if i pop my clutch and grab a handful of throttle, it just lurches forward. in order to get the front of...
  2. Stunting
    alright guys im new the forum guess im a squid. a buddy and i went into an empty parking lot and tried doing wheelies. i have a stock setup 09 zx6r, love the bike. only aftermarket piece is a m4 exhaust. i was traveling at about 10mph and having throttle at about 8-10k. the front tire was...
  3. Videos
    3 dirty videos of Jorian, tell me what you think.. Jorian-Ponomareff-World-Training - YouTube Jorian Ponomareff - Ride your passion - YouTube Stunt Rider (Jorian Ponomareff) - YouTube
  4. Stunting
    I'm so pumped that I'm getting used to stunting! :D I started doing power wheelies just yesterday, and it's so fun! Still getting used to it, but I'm gettin' there!
  5. Stunting
    hey guys! ive jsut joined the forum, and have had my first ZX6 for almost 2 months now.. i first day i got it, it was raining, but i couldnt help myself - i still took it out for basically the whole day. this bike is amazing to drive, and so easy to manouveur. after about a week i started...
  6. Stunting
    Hey guys, so as the Tittle states, i would like to start learning how to do to sit down clutch wheelies I've tried a couple of times and got the front wheel off the ground by half a wheel Any helpful tips? first gear? second? My biggest worry is 12 o clocking... how long do I need to pull...
  7. Stunting
    I had an interesting conversation with a bunch of folks today about getting your knee down on a public road. I didn't realize that you could get a ticket for that in Virginia. It's equivalent to popping a wheelie. I don't know about MD or DC, but I figure it is probably the same. Do you...
1-7 of 7 Results