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  1. Ride Reports
    When the weather looked like it was finally turning late last week I finally broke out the bikes after a few months of hiberation. Logged around 150 miles over the weekend and rode into work this morning for the first time this season. It was 34 degrees in NYC and by the time I got to work up...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    hello all new member here! my bikes a 2000 zx6r (carbed) with a blue flame can. its run great been to the ring and all over germany on it last month. but reacently (as weather gets colder and wetter) its started to skip a beat every so often and under low throttle imputs it somtimes gives the...
  3. :"(

    The ZX6R
    Well, since I got a 6 month winter coming my way pretty soon here, I'll be putting away the bike soon, also... :'( Weather up here is weird! We'll get really nice days in the summer (30-40 degrees celsius) and then we'll get a really long winter which can get frickin' cold! (-40 celsius!) It's...
1-3 of 4 Results