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  1. Stock Vs new Scorpion exhaust-2005 ZX6R

  2. chasing 1000's!

    Fun little video I made of the video I have gotten so far. Its the first time I've edited a video but its pretty awesome. Check it out. https://youtu.be/weyEiUa2aS8
  3. Streaming Wifi from GoPro

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey tech ppl, If I want to stream my GoPro video live from my camera over a track's wifi, then what would I need? Some type of signal booster? Is this even possible? I want to have live video of my races in the pits for my wife, family and crew. Ideas please.
  4. my riding video

    Ride Reports
    Hello riders I've always been a lurker, but what better way to introduce myself to this forum than posting a short video of some of the the most interesting parts of my past rides, right? I am well aware of the safety hazards and stupid things I have done (and sometimes still do) while riding...
  5. Canyon rides thread

    So i thought it would be cool to have a collection of canyon rides and group rides all into one thread. Here's one that I made of the white spar canyon road in Northern AZ. Preview of Episode 2: White Spar - YouTube
  6. Riding video

    The ZX6R
    Winter's over, I'm filming and having a lot of fun editing. Not to mention enjoying the self adulation. Beto636 Flying Dragon 1080p-HD - YouTube
  7. Candy Raw Flat Plasma Blue 636 w/ Jazz Flute

    Just a little something to help you pass the time. This is my baby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb8249os45w&feature=youtu.be
  8. Help a kawi brother out!

    The ZX6R
    me and my buddy made this video for a contest and it would really help us out if you guys would take a look and if you like it send it a facebook like, It was filmed on the roads of oak glen california and we think we did pretty okay. Im not asking for free likes but to just check it out and...
  9. A Twisty ride...

    Followed some buddies on HWY 8 and some roads to Danbury, NC up to Blue ridge parkway. I didn't know the turns leading up to where we had to go so I stayed behind my buddy's Ducatti 748 and my other buddy's HD cruiser... Ha, its kinda funny though. Dudes like 24 years old and drives a HD. Oh...
  10. Went to Blue Ride Parkway in VA yesterday

    The ZX6R
    Went to Blue Ride Parkway in VA yesterday [Videos] Wrong effn' section
  11. GoProooo!!

    The ZX6R
    I just got a GoPro HD! Used from a friend for 100 bucks! Good deal, I think haha. But it didn't come with a USB, so as soon as I pick up one of those, I'll be posting videos! Although riding season is very nearly done... but still! haha
  12. Just to laugh

    Motorcycle Talk
    Just a quick vid to add to the no gear/ new riders. Lmao let the controversy begin. But na made me laugh pretty fearsome. Enjoy. Aloha. YouTube - ‪So Embarrassing‬‏
  13. Heathers Draggin on the Dragon 2

    hello all! Just finished my vid of Deals Gap and wanted to share! it's kinda long, so don't blame ya if you fast forward! lol! Thanks so much for watching and God bless! Heather YouTube - ‪Heathers Draggin' on the Dragon 2 !!‬‏
  14. Irnie's first USA Podium and second Crash of 2010

    Marcel crashes out of the lead in 750 superbike. Marcel slides out of the race in style. OMRRA Round 5, Portland International Raceway, Portland OR, September 25-26, 2010 After Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie equaled his best-ever US finish with a 4th place at Seattle in mid-September, he...