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  1. Front end vibration 99 zx6r

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, I've got a strange vibration coming through the front end/handlebars of my bike and for the life of me can't figure it out. It happens around 130km/h or faster on the highway. It will be smooth then the vibration will start from the right and move to the left on the clip ons than be smooth...
  2. Sudden Onset of Brake Shake

    Mechanical and Technical
    So, before some of you flame me for not searching, I've been around this site for a while and I have done my searching - I'm so stupid as to post a question without having searched for the answers first. I have a relatively specific question regarding my specific situation and which of a couple...
  3. Motorcycle vibration tied to clutch?

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I noticed this first on my 07 I had and now am noticing it again on my 2010 that I am fixing. While riding, its obviously expected that the bike will vibrate, mostly being felt through the seat and the pegs. What I have noticed is that when I apply just a tiny bit of pressure to the clutch...
  4. Vibration on 2002 J2 ZX6R

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, I am getting a lot of vibration through bike on the pegs and the grips. I have experimented this morning and when I pull in the clutch the vibration goes completely from the foot pegs and is much better on the grips. Any ideas?? Cheers
  5. Oscillating vibration in foot pegs

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone, new to the forum. Hoping I could get some advise on an issue. I have an 05 zx-6r with yoshi exhaust and K&N air filter (no commander yet). Before I parked it and began the rip down, it developed an oscillating vibration that is mostly felt in the foot pegs when in neutral...
  6. Vibration between 6 and 12 thousand rpms

    Mechanical and Technical
    I just bought a 2003 636 about a month ago. When I test drove it, it didn't have the vibration between 6 and 12 thousand rpms but now it does. One thought I had, mind you that I'm sort of a noob with bikes, is that the muffler tip is missing and so it is super, super loud; could that cause the...
  7. 6-R confusing engine issue. Any ideas??

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi im new to the forum, this is my first post. My names Ed and im from the UK. Ive just purchased a 1998 zx6r usex with 20000 miles on the clock. After a few days of riding the bike a few issues started to crop up. Firstly the bike looks like it may have been stored as we drained half a litre...