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  1. The ZX6R
    Note: Long Thread, jump to 2nd Track day for Crash. 1st Track Day Zx6r 636 2014 is my first bike, after 8000km did 1st trackday. It was intimidating, frustrating, horrible, awful, shameful etc etc etc lol. The reason for it was because when I reached at the track, the guys had their track...
  2. Gear
    Hey all, just looking for some advice on suit sizing. I'm 5' 10" 155 lbs, sort of on the lean to moderately athletic build side of things.. Was wondering what you all think about trying to fit a size 40 suit? I have my first trackday coming up and have never sized a suit before (don't have any...
  3. Racing
    What mods, upgrades, and work have you've done on your bike for racing or trackdays. I'm very interested in major changes such as engine work or major suspension work. Pics are much appreciated!!
  4. Racing
    Im looking for Dark or blacked out Lens Covers for the Track. I have a 13 Zx6R, found them for 09-12 but no luck on 13+. Tape is getting only and i don't have track plastics yet. Anybody know where to get them from ?
  5. Racing
    Hey all! So next Monday, I've been invited by a veteran to come Out to willow springs for track day. He's been racing for a long time and is one of the staff/leaders for the events. I know hell have a lot of pointers and good advice for me while I'm out there (including free tires, which I'm...
  6. The ZX6R
    Hi guys, I'm new here. Like I mentioned in the title, I am considering to get the ZX636R. It will solely use for track. At the same time I'm considering either CBR600RR or ZX636R. I got to express on how beautiful and well equip the ZX is. I understand that this is a forum for the ZX. I wish to...
  7. Racing
    Here is the 2nd session of the day, I will post more as I get them uploaded. It's the first NESBA hosted track day at NCBike, so we were all learning the track. It's an awesome track, your on the side of your tire almost the entire length of the track, except the main straight and a couple...