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  1. Stock Tire Pressure for Track Day

    Hello everyone.. I am taking my 2018 zx6r to the track this weekend. Can anyone tell me what the tire pressure should be on the stock tires for track day? I will be going to Summit Point. This is my first time on track with this bike and second time ever in general going to track.
  2. For Sale 2009 zx6r | $6800

    I spend more time cleaning the dust off it than I do riding it. Bike runs strong and has a solid setup. Looking at buying a house soon and an extra down payment wont hurt. I may have missed a few things and I will add them if I remember. Also have a trackaddix track day I can include with a...
  3. Back on a ZX6R

    New Member Introductions
    Thought i'd introduce myself. My first bike was a 06 636. Sold that and picked up a 05 ZX10R, just sold. Now I picked up a 09 ZX6R for track only. Has the works done to it. GP front carts, Ohlins rear shock, QS, Full M4 etc... Curently going through the whole bike and getting ready for next...
  4. 2013 zx6r!

    The ZX6R
    Intro I'm starting one of these posts because I want a log of what I do to my bike, and wanted to share my experience of upgrading + maintaining the ZX6R. This is my fourth bike; I've owned a '07 Ninja 250(sold), a '94 CBR600F2 (lowside into mountain side, bruised tailbone, good thing I'm...
  5. WTB '12 ZX-6R track bodywork and rearsets

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking to buy a set of track bodywork and adjustable rearsets. Let me know what you've got and let's see if we can work out a deal we're both happy with. Thanks!
  6. 05 overheating only when not in gear

    New Member Introductions
    What's up guys. Just bought mine 2 days ago, came with ALOT of upgrades so dont know if this is "normal" for a track bike set up.... After a while it'll start overheating when in neatural, you can be sitting still or you can be going 120 MPH.... Doesn't matter, but as soon as you release the...
  7. Joined the Yamaha family

    So as many of you probably know, I sold my 2006 ZX6 track bike last month. Since then I have been on the lookout for a new track weapon and have been especially interested in the 08+ R6 or 09+ ZX6. Last night I finally got my new ride, a 2010 R6 with 1300 miles. The bike has an Ohlins...
  8. 2012 ZX6R track build help

    I'm looking to convert my zx6r to a strictly track (maybe one day race) bike. As of now it's stock with the exception of m4 gp slipon and hotbodies race body. It has 3700 miles. I'm fairly inexperienced at the track so power mods aren't a priority. What should my first couple investments be?
  9. Rider Discounts

    Community: first I apologize if this post is misplaced or duplicated. If someone posts a better location or post, I will delete this one. Anyways, I'm a track day rookie with just one day under my belt. Unfortunately, the last run of the day I high sided on turn 17 at VIR Memorial Day this...
  10. Glove help please!

    So the other day I ordered a pair of Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 3.0 RR gloves in XL. I normally wear a pair of Alpinestars SMX-3 gloves in XL and they fit comfortably. Now, my problem is that I already placed the order for the Speed and Strength gloves, but its just now that I realize...
  11. NESBA now N2

    Who else got the email notification that NESBA is no more and it is now a new and different organization called N2?
  12. Track bikes and Track preperation...pics!

    I want to know what you guys and gals are doing to your bikes for the track season. I love pics and lets see those beautiful bikes. Took the stock bodywork off in preparation for my Armour bodywork being painted atm. Put brand new Dunlop Q3's on front and back, cleaned the axles, sprockets...
  13. NCBike April 12th/13th With TPM

    Looks like I will be making the long 7hr drive from NY. Just need to get my track fix in. Anyone else plan on being there?
  14. Cheap Tire Warmers?

    So I am in the market for a set of tire warmers for this coming track season. I am a beginner rider who only has one season (9 track days) to my name but I am hooked! After only a few track days last year I was bumped from beginner to intermediate with both TPM and NESBA. I am by no means...
  15. A few pics from Shenny

    I am new to the forum and to the zx6r. I normally ride a Triumph. I have been meaning to write a post about my last weekend at the track for this season. Like usual, work got in the way. I Brought My newly aquired Kawi to the track but I only rode it one session. I started out on my Daytona. Was...
  16. SHOULD I GET THIS (Need Advice)

    Motorcycle Talk
    So im looking at a Honda CBR1000RR 2010 at a auction I want to use it later on because this is the only 1000CC bike that has a very good design and look that I like ...... after getting really good I intend to use for track.. Because im starting to get interested in track...
  17. New from CNY

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I just picked up a 2007 Zx6r. I also have a 2010 Triumph Daytona 675 that I track. Anyone have a 2007 zx6r that they track?
  18. Upgrades - Very Excited!

    So this weekend I will be installing my new forks! Penske 20mm internals, 9.5KG/mm springs for my weight, all fresh seals, and fresh Maxima 7W fork oil. Considering my OEM forks have 20k miles on them and leak, this should be HUGE. Not to mention, we all know the progressive springs and...
  19. NCBike New Track with NESBA

    Here is the 2nd session of the day, I will post more as I get them uploaded. It's the first NESBA hosted track day at NCBike, so we were all learning the track. It's an awesome track, your on the side of your tire almost the entire length of the track, except the main straight and a couple...
  20. First Time Track Rider - Tire Choices

    For those of you who saw (or will read) my first thread about a good track tire choice for myself, I apologize, but this is the newer improved thread. So I am looking to retire my Ninja in prep for this coming track season. This will be my first time out on the track, but I have been riding...