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track days

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    On Sep 24, 25 I had my last track days this season on NJMP Lightning and Thunderbolt respectively. It was great. It was so hot it felt like mid summer rather than end of September. I was really happy to be back on the track. I always wanted to and started going back in 2013. Joined a few track...
  2. East Coast
    Welcome to the 2016 CCS race season at Summit Point! Mid- Atlantic Road Racing Club has been providing safety services at Summit Point since 1983. We are an all volunteer organization dedicated to the advancement of motorcycle roadracing in the USA. We also host track days and race practice...
  3. Racing
    I really want to try the R10's for track days, but I can't decide if I want to get them. Main reason is because I don't have tire warmers. I know Bridgestone recommends using warmers on them. Anybody have any experience or advice how they run without warmers? They would be on a 03' 636.
  4. Racing
    The weather is finally looking like summer around here! There are still openings in all groups for the Mid Atlantic Road Racing Clubs track day at Summit Point Raceway. Historically it is an awesome time since the Memorial weekend races are Sat-Mon. Stay an extra day and volunteer for the safety...
  5. Racing
    New to the track so far only one track day, Trying to go to NC bike on the 15th and i need some boots, Money is a big concern but at the same time i don't want to Sacrifice Safety. What are you opinions on SIDI Fusion Air Boots or Cortech Latigo Air Road Race Boots? Lots of good reviews for both...
  6. Racing
    Happy 2014 everyone! I am pleased to announce Mid Atlantic Roadracing Club track day and roadracing school schedule! All events are held at Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point WV. We are one of the least expensive ways to get on the track. With member discounts and early sign up discounts you...
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