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track build

  1. The Build Thread
    Finally done after a long winter. Here are some before and after photos and a list of all the parts! EVAP removal Clean air mod GB Racing engine covers Two Brothers Full exhaust PCV + QS Module 1-2+ Driven sprockets & 520 chain Speedohealer v4 Ohlins steering damper serviced Driven Halo clip...
  2. Racing
    I'm looking to convert my zx6r to a strictly track (maybe one day race) bike. As of now it's stock with the exception of m4 gp slipon and hotbodies race body. It has 3700 miles. I'm fairly inexperienced at the track so power mods aren't a priority. What should my first couple investments be?
  3. Racing
    Bought my 2006 last year in street trim with 18k miles and a few tasteful mods. I was able to get the seller down to $3k which is an incredible deal based on the condition of the bike. For reasons I dont want to get into, the seller really needed the bike gone. And no, it's not stolen. I...