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  1. Stunting
    I have a 2008 zx6r, I'm about to get new sprockets and chain. Thinkn about doing -1 in front +2 in back. Anyone know how much top end I will lose? Bike does 170 now, don't want any less than 160. Thanx...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Can someone help and guide as to where i can find the 2015 zx6r 636 engine bolt torque specs in the owners manual? Also if someone can post a 2015 owners manual id appreciate it!
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    I am re-assembling my bike and I just had a couple things I wanted to ask about: 1. when installing the front sprocket nut and the rear axle nut the manual calls out molybdenum disulfide (same thing as never-seez) and gives a torque value of 94 ft/lbs (front sprocket nut) and I believe it was 58...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey there everybody, glad to have your help and experience here. I have a CA 03 636 and I cannot accelerate more than aprox 50% throttle without it skipping, it feels as though I'm missing teeth in my transmission, it happens in all lower gears but I haven't tried it in the upper gears, it...
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    I am currently looking to buy a torque wrench for working on my bike with. I cant really find which one would be best. I just need it for basic maintenance and what not i'm not doing a lot of super in depth work. I know for these bikes i dont need anything to crazy so like 20-100pounds would be...
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    Found a screw with my rear tire getting the tire fixed now and need to know the torque specs for the rear axle nut. 2011 ZX6R. And another question under the same regard. When reassembling do I have to use some sort of lube on the axle and spacers? Any tips are appreciated :)