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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Ladies and gentlemen! I am in need of an OEM tail fairing. Let me know if anyone has anything laying around.
  2. Want to Buy
    Hello fine folks! I'm new to the site and relatively new to riding (seldom rides over past 2 years due to new baby boy, etc.). Just added/installed yoshimura rs-5 carbon fiber slip on to my 05' 636, and really pumped. Bike is blue, but I'm 'blacking' out the majority of the bike less the front...
  3. The ZX6R
    I know I know...the 07-08 is a piece if garbage...bla bla bla. Let's keep those comments out of this thread and just focus on the work done here and the resulting look achieved. A buddy of mine has an 08 that we have done quite a bit of work on and I love what we did with his tail section...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys, it looks like on my 08 zx6r the Two Bros undertail exhaust is melting the plastic of the tail section. I am referring to the actual plastic base in the tail where the ECU sits. The only options I see right now are to repair the plastic, and put some sort of heat shield there. I might...
  5. Want to Buy
    Hey, I'm new to this but I'm looking for parts for my 07 zx6r. Looking for a few parts: -Left side fairings (top and bottom) -Tailpiece -Rear Wheel -Tank -Swing Arm Maybe other plastics :bigsmile:
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    Just installed a fender eliminator kit. Blinkers work. Tail light and license plate light work only when the key is turned all the way to the right in park. They don't work when the bike is running and neither does the brake light. The brake light doesn't work no matter what position the...
  7. West Coast
    Ok so I havent been in washington long and was wondering are smoked tail lights legal for motorcycles I looked on the washington state patrol website and they said colored (smoked) tail lights and clear are illegal and that seems dumb to me because what else is there if you cannot use smoked or...
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, brand new to the forum, so if im posting in the wrong spot please let me know. I just picked up my first zx6r yesterday. It's an 06. As I was riding last night a buddy told me I had no running tail lights. My brake lights and turn signals work just fine, but no running tail. I'm...
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey people, Just put the factory tail and tail light back on my bike (had track tail on it when i bought it) and as you would expect the wiring is hacked up. everything works except for the "brake" light. the light lights up running however when brake depressed (front or rear) it doesnt get...
  10. Mechanical and Technical
    Just picked up an 06 636 special edition, going through the bike I have found that I have rear turn signals but no brake light or running light, it's an after market set up and a cluster of wires back there! Anyone know where I can get a diagram or some help?
  11. The ZX6R
    i have a 6r 636 and the bike came with a track tail on it. my wife wants to ride with me so i ordered all the parts required to get her on there. however the tail just arrived and the opening for the seat is much larger then the seat i ordered.. 1. am i missing something? 2. are there 2...
  12. Want to Buy
    Hey guys im trying to find a Rear tail for my ZX6R, right now it has a track tail so no chance of putting a seat on it. Not really interested in having the key but it would help complete the setup. my wife really wants to ride with me, anyone know anyone with what im looking for?
  13. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey Guys and Gals Newbie here, first time posting a post anywhere on the internet really so excuse me if I sound so direct. Im having some issues with my tail light. I have a clear alternatives integrated LED tail light on my 05 636, the tail light went out, turn signals works, brake light...
  14. Want to Buy
    Hey guys, Seems like a popular topic, but any idea where I can get a front fender, tail fairing, and seat cowl? I know I'm getting to the point of it making sense to buy a whole new fairing set, but wanted to compare the prices before I decided to drop the money on it. I've seen the other...
1-14 of 16 Results