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  1. Hey! New rider in California - ZX6R 2005

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, New to the site and new to the country. Just brought a 05 ZX6R here in San Diego. Love it very much but few things annoying me (nothing major, only aesthetic so far, serious stuff will come later). I want to get some flush mount indicators and want to tuck the tail. What kit is best...
  2. zx636 2014 evotech tail tidy / fender eliminator

    The ZX6R
    HellO, Did anybody mount evotech tail tidy/fender eliminator to zx636 2013-14? I want to mount one of them because it looks very solid compared to rest of them which looks like made from soda can Can somebody who have it mounted post here real photo of it? Because producent didnt provide...
  3. Guide : Integrated LED tail light upgrade

    The ZX6R
    NOTE : I wanted to place this in the 'Guides' section but I do not have the option to create a new thread. Perhaps one of the mods would be kind enough to move it for me. "If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right!" I put this tutorial together to show the right way to upgrade the...
  4. Tail Tidy/Fender eliminator

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys i have a 1996 zx6r F2 also known as the zx600f i belive! im looking to get a tail tidy because i HATE the big reflector/numberplate light on the back i got a slightly smaller numberplate hoping that would keep me happy but i just cant get over the size of the indicaors and the...