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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    hey guys, I left my bike out in the rain now my bike wont start. I'm trying to replace my fuel pump and I wasn't able to because the sensor clip is oddly unremovable. I don't want to fidget with it because I feel like the more I tamper with it, the more problems I have to face later. anyways, I...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    How do you trace the start kill switch it Is unscrewed it off my clip on after a wreck and need to unplug it from my 09 ninja 6r non monster engine harness it appears to go deep into the engine to unplug it, my right fairing is off aswell ass my tank is propped up.. I can't seem to find out how...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    Follow up of >>>http://zx6r.com/guides/4162-garage-door-opener-lap-button.html<<< Alright every since I saw this Ive been wanting to do it and think I am going to do it this week. My buddy still wants to preserve his lap function so was thinking of adding a switch in a little housing that...
1-3 of 3 Results