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  1. Stripped/Stuck Caliper Bolts

    Mechanical and Technical
    Been leaking for the past I'd say 6 months all because I can't remove these bolts! Sick of it! Took the other side off just fine these are the problem. Completely stripped. Went to buy a set of bolt extractor bits and that didn't work either. I've tried hammering the next biggest size in there...
  2. RPM jumps and gets stuck

    The ZX6R
    I have an '06 636. The other day while replacing tires, brakes and plugs I decided to pull the pair system and cap it. I also removed the secondary butterfly valves and cleaned/oiled my K&N air filter. Since then my mistress rides great… until the rpm's go high (like I'm half WFO when I'm not)...
  3. Key is stuck in ignition.

    Mechanical and Technical
    So i went for a long ride yesterday and then when i got home my key was stuck in the ignition, it turns perfectly but it just wont pull out. any ideas? i tried tapping the key with a hammer and that didnt work, and im about to go get some WD40 and try that
  4. Shifting problems

    The ZX6R
    Hi! My name is Patrick and I'm new to this forum. I own a blue '04 zx6r and it works great; put it about 5500 mi on this thing. I don't ride it too hard and never shift without using the clutch. Of course, I have a problem and so I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what step(s) I...