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  1. Member Classifieds
    Ohlins steering stabilizer with mount kit for ZX636 (latest generation). Like new (used for around 200 miles). Has all mounts and stabilizer. Kit is made by ohlins. I went with the GPX stabilizer and don't need this one. I'll pay for shipping anywhere in continental US.
    $500 USD
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey fellow ZX-6R riders. I recently installed the Quad-Lock mounting on my bike but you all know where the problem lies. The original steering damper collides with the Quad-Lock mounting and I want to install some raisers to the steering damper. Unfortunatelly I cant find any raisers no...
  3. The ZX6R
    Hey All, First of all let me say that since I bought the zx6r 2015 half an year ago I was lurking here, but after I encountered an issue I had to join the boat and start a thread which going to help to everyone who is in need of steering damper for the zx6r 2013+ model. So my story is that I...
  4. Want to Buy
    Hi gang, I'm looking for my 2013 ZX-6R: -Damper, Ohlins steering damper. If you have a good deal on a GPR v4 I'll consider that as well -Shock, rear. Preferably Ohlins or Elka -Wheels, preferably complete. Please undamaged/straight -Rear sets, (Vortex/Woodcraft) -Case savers (Woodcraft/GB...
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    I have a 2013 and it has already happened to me a couple of times that while trying to perform a quick launch, if I give it too much gas when changing gears, the front end will wobble. The wobble is not severe and I've had no problems getting it back into control, but it is kinda worrying...
  6. The ZX6R
    anyone have any feedback on the hyperpro steering dampers? I have a 07 zx6. Originally wanted the ohlins damper, then realized they were discontinued. I know Scotts and GSR make them but I hate the big ugly look of them.
  7. The ZX6R
    Hello everyone, I'm new to motorcycling, this forum, and forums in general, so if this has already been answered, my bad. First off, I want to state that I did some searching around, and research on bikes in my price range, decided on a 05-06 zx6r and found what I believe to be an awesome deal...
  8. The ZX6R
    Looking to pick up a steering damper for a '13 ZX6R. What are you guys using? Any recommendations? Mainly use the bike for street riding and cruising. Thanks
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    Help me buy good Stands and Damper please! Hey everyone, I looked for suggestions in the threads but I just couldn't find some direct recommendations. sorry if this exists somewhere else. just let me know and i'll gladly go look there and take this down. I'm looking for a Steering Damper for...
  10. Mechanical and Technical
    Can anyone recommend a good Steering Damper for a 13 zx6r????
  11. Mechanical and Technical
    Are steering dampers that important? Does it make that big of a difference? They came stock on the 09-12 zx6rs but not on the 13. Prices for the shitty ones on the 09-12 are anywhere from $400-$750. I don't do track days...Yet but sometimes i like to do some riding down backroads, and...
  12. Mechanical and Technical
    So I've been doing some research on Demon Eyes/HIDS as well as Steering Dampers. Was wondering if anyone have used these: HID Bi Xenon Motorcycle Projector Headlight for 05 06 Kawasaki zx6r ZX 6R ZX636 | eBay and... Adjustable Steering Stabilizer Damper for Kawasaki zx6r ZX 6R 636 2005 2006...
  13. Mechanical and Technical
    I am looking at getting a Steering Damper but just trying to find a good one that is out there. Any suggestions? :O
1-13 of 14 Results