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  1. 07 ZX6R starting problem when warm

    Mechanical and Technical
    greetings! fisrt of, this i my first post, and my english sucks, so, my apologize for that! as in the title, i am having problems with my kawa when its warm. most of the time it wont start. ist doing everything normaly, but without finaly starting the bike.. i have to give it a little throttle...
  2. Electrical Issues 06 ZX6R - Bike Won't Do Anything

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello, so I have been experiencing some weird electrical issues with a bike that has rarely given me any problems before. (35k miles, no aftermarket fuel systems) It all started labor day weekend when a buddy and I went on a ride to Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. Anyway, I lost both of...
  3. Could someone help me answer this carb question?

    Mechanical and Technical
    I am having a problem with my 97 zx-6r not starting. A little history...the bike ran fine for one season after a carb rebuild, then this season it was running laggy and about two weeks ago it simply refused to start. I pulled off the carb and it seems that the float needles (sorry if this not...
  4. 2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R Won't Crank?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. Recently I had to take my bike completely apart because the original frame was bent. So of course I tore the bike down to nothing. After an hour of taking things apart I finally got the new frame in and every bolted to it (swing arm, forks, engine). I knew I would have major...
  5. How do you trace this wire?

    Mechanical and Technical
    How do you trace the start kill switch it Is unscrewed it off my clip on after a wreck and need to unplug it from my 09 ninja 6r non monster engine harness it appears to go deep into the engine to unplug it, my right fairing is off aswell ass my tank is propped up.. I can't seem to find out how...
  6. starter fluid

    The ZX6R
    Hi to everyone. bought my ninja last august. first one. don't know much. will not start if temp is consistent at around 21 and below, actual or 'real feel'. sitting on the bike, is the air filter that black plastic cover on the right side below the tank? and is this what i must remove in order...