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  1. Spring Tune up

    Mechanical and Technical
    So good riding weather is here and I want to get all new fluid in my bike, new sprocket, and chain as well. However, being a college student with limited income ( which SUCKS :motz2: ) I don't have a ton of money to spend on bringing it to a dealership and getting everything done. My brother is...
  2. Stripped front sprocket nut....HELP!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I bought a new sprocket kit and was so excited to put it on. I looked everywhere for the tools I'd need and went and purchased a deep 27mm and 1/2 torque wrench at sears. I already had a breaker bar and about a foot of steel pipe. had my wife help me hold the break down and also used a 2x4...
  3. Need Part Help!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Does anyone have a front sprocket cover for a 2007/2008 zx6r for sale!! Mine has a screw stuck in where speedotmeter screw is. The s crew actually broke in half when i was trying to screw it in!!!
  4. New to Me 2007 zx6r Need help on new chain/sprockets

    Mechanical and Technical
    New member on the forums, mostly been just reading the vast majority of posts, but I finally deciding to post a thread and ask for some help. I recently purchased my second bike being a mint condition 2007 ZX6R with only roughly 3k miles on it! [/URL][/IMG] Never been laid down hell hasn't...
  5. Kawi Factory Gorilla Strikes Again!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Second time I went to do a chain and sprockets job on a ZX6 and couldnt get off the front sprocket nut. The first time was on my buddies 06, and this time it was my friends 08. Heat, breaker bar, and a 1/2" drive impact gun...nothing worked. Last time we ended up bringing my buddies 06 to a...
  6. Torquing

    Mechanical and Technical
    I am re-assembling my bike and I just had a couple things I wanted to ask about: 1. when installing the front sprocket nut and the rear axle nut the manual calls out molybdenum disulfide (same thing as never-seez) and gives a torque value of 94 ft/lbs (front sprocket nut) and I believe it was 58...
  7. NEED HELP asap!

    Mechanical and Technical
    guys and gals, I need help with my rear wheels alignment. I just put a new chain on my zx6r. I didn't replace the sprockets because the bike only has 6000km on it and it is in good shape, not rounded out or anything. Anyways, trying to align the rear wheel I was told a few tricks, first off...
  8. 09 zx6r stunt build help

    Instead of buying another bike to stunt out i think im just gonna stick with the one i have. Theres not much information on stunt parts for 09s and up. so what suggestions do you have... Crash Cage - Ive heard Sick Innovations and Impaktech are the best bets. 12 Bar - i have a hotbodies...
  9. rear sprocket vortex or......

    Want to Buy
    Im looking for a rear sprocket (vortex or any other brand) Not steel! pm me
  10. Chain and sprocket

    The ZX6R
    Have a 07 zx6r and want a good cheap red chain and new sprockets -1/+2. Anyone know of a good cheap place to buy them? Only place I can find with a red chain is the link below. But is $200 for the kit expensive? Superlite Steel Sprocket Set with/ EK 520 MVXZ Colored Chain - KAWASAKI ZX6 R...
  11. New Chain and Sprocket!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Check it out!! I finally replaced the rear sprocket! My bike is FINALLY fully operational again :)Facebook This is where I'll be posting all of my pictures for zx6r.com from now on, because for some reason, it is very hard to upload pictures to this forum :( and I can only upload one at a time...
  12. Hello!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there fellow bikers and/or stunters! So, I got a little problem and I was hoping that some of you pros out there could help me :( This happpened about a month ago. I was riding like I usually did, and then I cracked the throttle like anyone would, and then all of the sudden, I heard my...
  13. chain and sprocket help.

    Mechanical and Technical
    still pretty new to my bike, im constantly worrying about my bike bc my knowledge is awful:coocoo. my buddy suggested a chain. i know its pretty practical to replace the sprocket also even though mine isnt bad. i do not want OEM sprocket, id like the ones that make wheelies easier i know they...