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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased 2009 zx6r w/3k miles and i am thrilled to join this forum. My bike is stock except for straight piped exhaust, servo cables disconnected. No lights on the dash. When I test drove the motorcycle before buying it, i was able to cycle through all the gears and...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    I changed the spark plugs on my 2000 zx6r afterwards it was idling low and died a couple times while riding. i adjusted the idle and took it on a ride but died again when i rev matched while down shifting. when it is idling and i twist the throttle it doesnt seem to want to rev up high. Im a new...
  3. The ZX6R
    I just got a 2006 zx6r and it rained the day i got it. It was sitting in the rain for two days. When i start the bike in a light shower, it started and right after i put gas on the throttle, it stalled and I can't get it started again afterward. I tried new battery, wasn't battery issue. The...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    Got the bike from a friend yesterday, first ride I noticed a almost constant miss. It's been sitting for about 2 years, and had old gas in it. He changed the oil, cleaned the gas tank, and put a new battery in it before selling it to me. I plan on changing the oil again after a few miles to make...
  5. New Member Introductions
    New on here so forgive me if i duplicated someones past post. I searched up and down for an answer but cldnt find anything similar! So here is my dilemma! My bike 2006 zx636 was sitting outside for about a month maybe close to two.. Gave it a wash to store it in the garage then thereafter tried...
  6. Racing
    For all you track riders...how many track days elapse before you swap in a new set of spark plugs? I did 8 track days this year on my ZX (may do one more) and am wondering if a spark plug change should be done.
  7. Mechanical and Technical
    So I have been wrenching on bikes and cars for a long time now and have done an array of jobs over the years ranging from stuff as simple as normal maintenance, to stuff as challenging as installing a stage 5 turbo system, aftermarket fuel delivery, and subsequent self tuning. Changing the...
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    I changed my spark plugs for the first time. I put in NGK CR9E and i know i got the gap right. However its losing power a lot and is hesitating. Could the torque on the plugs cause this? What else could it be? HELP!!!!!
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Finally got on a forum! I bought my 1995 zx6r this past spring with only 7k miles on her! She runs great, honestly keeps up about dead even with my buddies R6! If anyones got suggestions as to what i should do first let me know! This week i am replacing a snapped clutch cable...
  10. Mechanical and Technical
    I know I sound like a retard but I am new to sport bikes. I currently own a 05 zx6r I recently bought. However I would like to change the plugs but have no clue where they go can someone please help. Thank you
1-10 of 11 Results