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  1. Slip on help!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi all, Did search for my problem before posting, so sorry if it's duplicated, Anyway, I've got a '14 zx6r and have a slip on can... But no pipe to link it to the pre chamber. A local fabricator wants £100 to make one up! I've searched the Web but can't find just that pipe on its own. (the...
  2. Zx6r used exhaust for 2008 models?

    United Kingdom
    Hi all, New to this forum! Wondering where is best to look for a second hand exhaust slip on for a 2008 p8f zx6r?? Cannot find a great deal on ebay
  3. Exhaust too loud!!

    The ZX6R
    Hopefully I can get some good ideas here. I have a 07 zx6. Has a D&D slip on. If anyone doesn't know what that is its almost identical to the pine box slip on. This year I decided to delete the cat with a MJS header. At first I didn't mind the noise but honestly now it's just plain obnoxious...
  4. Loud pipes saves lives?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Im lookin for an easy way to make my exhaust louder on my 05 636. As of now the exhaust is fully stock besides a scorpion slip on. Any suggestions?
  5. M4 GP Install

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys wanted to ask those of you that have an M4 GP installed, did you have any issue installing the exhaust bracket behind the rear set? The two bolts that hold the bracket for the exhaust to the rear set, the top was long enough, but the bottom bolt only threaded about halfway into the...
  6. Remove baffle?

    The ZX6R
    Thinking of removing my baffle from my pipe. Have the d&d slip on for the 07. The main thing I'm worry about is I heard removing to much back pressure can cause the engine to run richer somehow? Do I have to worry about this? I only have a slip on and the jumper mod nothing else. Also will I...
  7. Heat wrap M4GP?

    The ZX6R
    Looking for opinions on heat wrapping the shorty M4GP exhaust.. The position of this pipe, to where my foot is means that I have melted several shoes, and get a really warm heal on long rides. I'm also worried about burning any passengers. Has anyone done this before on one of these shorty...
  8. HID Retrofit or Slip on Exhaust

    The ZX6R
    Ever since I bought my bike a few weeks ago, I have been mulling over what I can do to make my new baby shine. This forum has provided me with A LOT of different ideas and it is come down for me to make a decision. Right now, it is a toss up between retrofitting my headlights with...
  9. Slip-On's

    Mechanical and Technical
    I live in MD and have a 2012 zx6r and I am looking for advice for which slip on is better. Either A) m4 slip on or B) hotbodies megaphone I like how they both look although with the M4 I hear you need to remove one of the lower fairing pieces. All I've heard is that the M4 is...
  10. Just installed my M4, but...

    Mechanical and Technical
    I just installed my M4 GP slip-on and I cant ride due to snow in April but just starting it up I noticed a lot of white exhaust and a bad odor. Even though it is cold, it seemed like way too much exhaust, not to mention the bad smell. Is there something wrong?
  11. Servo and Slip On questions

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok so I recently picked up my 2010, and I've been doing some research on which Slip On I wanna get and how to install and everything. The install looks pretty straight forward until you get to the servo. Through my research I now know that if you take the servo out, the FI light stays on and...
  12. M4 Exhaust

    The ZX6R
    Looking into the m4 exhaust for an 09 ninja zx6r just a few questions about it. Is there a huge difference between the slip on and full system? Is a power commander nessesary for a slip on? Ive never riden on a track just street but I've heard you can actually lose power with a full system if...
  13. Exhaust help ????????

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 07 zx6r, I've been lookin at exhaust pipes and am completely lost on what I want. Any suggestions would be great. Keep in mind my exhaust comes out underneath my tail.
  14. my 2012 zx6r

    my 2012 zx6r

    two bros slip on black series
  15. wtb: 05-06 aftermarket exhaust

    Want to Buy
    Hey, have my stock exhaust if someone is looking to return a bike to stock, but also looking for an aftermarket slip on, or full exhaust if the price is right... lemme know! Thanks!:bigthumb:
  16. Opinions wanted: fmf apex slip-on vs Yosh trc

    The ZX6R
    Trying to decide between these 2 slip-ons. I know it is an extremely subjective topic that is why I am only asking for opinions not "which is better?". Need to get rid of fugly stock on '11 zx6r and I don't want anything TOO:O loud:O
  17. Back Pressure

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have an 03 636 and my pipe is pretty broken. The tip is missing because (I'm pretty sure) the guy I bought it from tried to make it into a shortie and failed and lost the part he cut off. Anyways, I have no back pressure and I'm wondering, would that affect the power so much that I couldn't...
  18. Has anyone heard this pipe?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Has anyone one heard this pipe? never heard of it before. here's the ebay link Kawasaki ZX6R ZX 636 05-06 GPR Exhaust Slipon Thunder | eBay
  19. ZX6r Backfiring since Yoshi slip on install

    Mechanical and Technical
    So my 05-06 zx6r is doing occasional little backfires when engine breaking since installing a yoshimura RS-5. Also when cold the idle is a little different, it pulsates a small amount (from 1350RPM to 1000RPM) What does this mean? running a little lean? Should i purchase a Power commander...