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  1. 2009 having a meltdown lol (servo)

    Mechanical and Technical
  2. servo eliminator for 05 zx636 needed

    Want to Buy
    hey i need a servo elimnator for a 05 zx636 and i really dont wanna spend the 60 bucks. any one got one laying around or willing to make one for me?
  3. Code 34 Help

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey, I recently replaced a few scratched items on my bike, including the muffler. When I ran my bike again for the first time, I had an FI code pop up on my dash. After self-diagnosis, I've realized that it's a Code 34. Just wondering on some of anybody would happen to have any insight on this...
  4. Servo Motor Dead

    Mechanical and Technical
    I'm new to the forum and am looking forward to being an active member on this site. I'm a beginner rider and have only owned my 07 ZX-6R for 2 weeks now and have a question about my servo. I've done a lot of searching and research so please so bash on me haha. Anyways, I bought the bike and the...
  5. Servo Plate

    Mechanical and Technical
    I had my bike (05 zx6r) in today because my FI light was on and turns out I don't have that octagon shaped plate for my servo. I was told it was supposed to come with the aftermarket exhaust but I bought the bike like this. Any tips on where I can get a plate? I've read about the servo buddy...
  6. FI light on 2012 ZX6r

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I removed my stock exhaust for my M4 and I want to take out the Servo-motor. However; the FI light flashes continuously. How do I get it to stop without having to re-connect my Servo-motor? Any and All help is greatly appreciated! :D I will be posting pictures of my beauty later, Thanks!
  7. servo motor loud clicking?

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I just installed my rs-5 slip on. Put that little bracket and top piece on the servo. At first start up it was fine ran it to work no issues. On my lunch I turn the bike on and a LOUD clicking noise starts from where the servo is. When I get off work it happens again shit makes me cringe...
  8. Servo and Slip On questions

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok so I recently picked up my 2010, and I've been doing some research on which Slip On I wanna get and how to install and everything. The install looks pretty straight forward until you get to the servo. Through my research I now know that if you take the servo out, the FI light stays on and...
  9. Jumper Mod / Servo Buddy

    Mechanical and Technical
    06 636 with Two Bros slip on and exhaust servo box removed. My question is this. I just ordered a "servo buddy" that another member on this forum owns and plan to install it today. If I were to do the jumper mod, in addition to unlocking the Euro mapping and freeing up a couple of ponies up...
  10. 09 zx6 servo fix??

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys, as a newbie to this forum this is my 1 st post. I ride an '09 zx6, have owned it for two years now, a superb bike in my opinion!! Here's the thing though I bought it with a Scorpion carbon end can which was dealer fitted. Just over the last month or so, the FI warning light has been...
  11. Fitting a Quill race can and need advice please!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys and girls, had a mad moment on eBay a few days ago and bought a secondhand Quill race can, a few people have told me they make quite a nice sound so anyway I went ahead and bought it. This is for an 06 636 by the way, underseat exhaust. My question is, when I come to fit the can i'm...
  12. FI light occasionally coming on then going

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, Just bought a 05 Zx6r model C1H off a close buddy of mine. Noticed that occasionally the FI light will pop on, whenever i give it a rev it goes away and will sometimes pop back on. Any idea what this could be? i believe its the exhaust Butterfly valve, ran error code 63 in its past so...