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  1. Coolant Flush

    Mechanical and Technical
    Going to be doing a coolant flush on my 08' ZX6R, in the spring, and just have a few questions to bounce around before I do it. I picked up a gallon of Engine Ice for the new stuff...is anyone running it or has anyone previously run it? If so, is it good stuff? Also I haven't looked at the...
  2. What to service on my 11 year old 636?

    Mechanical and Technical
    I'm looking for some recommendations on service work this spring I have a '04 636 that only has about 11000-12000 miles on it. No engine/mechanical or electrical mods. Not hard riding, a bit of track time a couple of years ago. Wondering if it is worth it to have the front forks re-done...
  3. Getting the Dealer to Remove the Cat?

    Motorcycle Talk
    hi peoples, I was going to save the hassle of installing the notoriously difficult slip-on install M4 GP shorty but just giving it to the kawi dealer for a muffler swap. But doing so removes the cat, servo/butterfly valves, would they do it? I'm too embarressed to ask in the shop, and what...
  4. Fuel filter??

    New Member Introductions
    On my 2003 ZX636 I had the tank tipped up to check the air filter and was wondering since I didnt seem to see one, if there is a fuel filter somewhere that should be changed as well. I followed the line from the tank to the fuel rail and didnt see any filter there. Also as far as maintenance...
  5. first service at dealer

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hey there fellas New kawi owner here and new to the forums. Love the info on here. Bought a 2013 zx6R about a month ago and just put over 600 miles on it. Dealer wants me to go in for my first service but im wondering what that first service entails and if I could just do it myself? What do you...
  6. 2007-2008 Kawasaki ZX6R Service Manual

    Service Manuals
    Already posted...
  7. New member with a quick question

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I just got my first sportsbike, zx6r, and love it! it only has 10k miles and is clean. However, i noted that the oil looked a bit dirty, and ihave no idea when the last time its carbs were synced. what types of things should i do to service this bike to be sure its running peek...