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  1. Want to Buy 19-22 fuel tank

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a fuel tank. I don’t mind a few minor scuffs. If anyone knows where I could find one for sale or has one please let me know
  2. Classifieds
    took it off my zx6r had the full system but sold the headers. exhaust can and pipe is left and looking for possible trade for some track gear? or shoot an offer if interested $$
  3. The ZX6R
    So long story short, i'm thinking about selling my 99 Zx6r that i converted into a 2001 zx6r. Iv'e put about 3000 miles on it. Runs like a champ, No problems what so ever. Wanna step it up to a 1000cc. Just want to ask some pros in here how much a good asking price would be for it. Here's a...
  4. The ZX6R
    I am currently purchasing a zx6r 2009 15,000 miles for $4500. Is this worth it or am I getting screwed over? Seems that the bike is in great condition, has multiple upgrades (fender eliminator, tires look new, JP exhaust, LED lights). The guy claims he needs a quick sell because he is trying...
  5. Want to Buy
    Hey guys looking for some glossy white fairings to fit my 05 zx6r. if you got some or know where i could buy some online that would be awesome to just message me if you got any info or looking to sell. Thanks!
1-5 of 9 Results