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    took it off my zx6r had the full system but sold the headers. exhaust can and pipe is left and looking for possible trade for some track gear? or shoot an offer if interested $$
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    Hey everyone, quick question on a 2009 ZX6R for sale.. The bike is immaculate, perfectly clean, no issues, but the fairings/tank/tail/nose (the entire body) are all from a 2011 ZX6R. Does this raise any red flags to you guys? Any opinions? The bike is 100% an 09. Have not ran the VIN yet, the...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    ive been lucky enough to always buy used ninjas with the money i got from my previous ninja. i usually go by feel of the bike, opening up the throttle. bike maintance list record, reciept. what are things that you guys do.