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  1. Aftermarket rims. Any opinions?

    Mechanical and Technical
    I recently had a frontal crash on my '13 636 and as a part of the rebuild I'd be in need of replacing the front rim, which got chipped in the accident. Does anyone have any opinions on these rims on eBay, which cost around 180 bucks? For Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 05 12 Ninja ZX10R 06 09 Front Wheel...
  2. Finally got my rims back!!!

    Dropped them off a couple weeks ago to be powder-coated. very happy with the end results. Let me know your thoughts and opinions, thanks
  3. Rims

    Want to Buy
    Looking for anyone parting out a zx6r or has a set of stock rims LTB a stock set of rims for my 14 zx6r
  4. WTB Rims

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a stock set of rims for a 13+ zx6r!!
  5. 02/03 wheels

    The ZX6R
    I'm thinking about purchasing a set of wheels. The seller has a set (comes with wheels tires rotors and bearings) from a 2002 zx6r. I own a 2003 zx6r. Would they be a direct fit to my bike? Sorry for the newbie question. It's my first bike. Also thanks for the help.
  6. need help asap

    Mechanical and Technical
    i have a 2000 zx6r i just bought has a bent rim so i found one on ebay but its for a 97 zx6r it looks the same dose any body know if it will work thanks
  7. Need front rim!!

    Want to Buy
    PLEASE HELP!! Looking for a front rim for my 2007 zx6r!!
  8. Need rims for a 07 zx6rr

    The ZX6R
    Apparently I have a zx10 rear rim and my front rim has a slight dent. I just got new tires put on and now it's not riding right. It sounds like something is catching/rubbing. I don't think it's the chain and/or sprockets. The mechanic thinks the chains not straight because of the rim. I just...
  9. what front rim will fit a zx636 2005?

    Mechanical and Technical
    hi i recently went down and am fixing the bike myself i have fixed most of it up now and ordered all i need but one thing i cant find is a 2nd hand front wheel in the uk :O but have found others on 600 kawasakis that look the same as mine just wondering if anyone knows what wheels would fit my...
  10. WTB: zx6r 09-12 wheels with rotors/bearings

    Want to Buy
    Hi guys, I am looking to get an extra set of wheels with rotors/bearings/sprocket for my zx6r 2011. I will use them as a backup for when I will go to the track. If you have for sale only the rear, that would work out too.